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How to Pick a Kids Microphone With Stand & Without

Updated on December 16, 2010

Most Popular Kids Microphone with Stand

The Music Pop Star Singalong Microphone is one of the best selling kid microphones available online.

You can find out more information and where to buy this microphone by clicking here.

Disney High School Musical Microphone Kit

Wow! This kit is amazing and great for fans of the hit 'High School Musical'. If you want to really get your kids interested in singing and performing then this is the microphone kit to do it.

Find out all the details by clicking here.

Why Choose a Kids Microphone

Every child I know loves to sing their favorite song at the top of their voice. There is no better way to encourage this creative outlet than giving them their very own kids microphone with stand to make them feel part of their favorite band.

Choosing a kids microphone isn’t hard if you pay attention to both quality and functionality. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you select one that will last the demanding task of being a kids favorite toy while giving them countless fun.

Select a Kids Microphone that is Age Specific

There are a lot of different microphones available for children but they are still suitable for different ages. A microphone for pre-schoolers will work differently to one for older kids. For the young-uns you should look for a microphone with fewer but chunkier buttons and built tough – they really aren’t that too fussed on what the mic does, they just want to sing!

Functionality becomes more of an issue for those in primary school so look for a microphone that produces decent quality sound and has the option for some sort of effect or backing track.

Choose a Microphone that is Bright and Exciting

Kids respond well to bright colors so don’t go for a dull and boring black or gray. Choose a color specific to your child that you know they already love and they will make sure it gets put to good use.

Buy a Kids Microphone With a Stand or Without?

Choosing a hand held or microphone with stand will depend on age and what you want the microphone for. The microphones on a stand are great for the kids who want to feel like they are part of a band. I’m sure you have seen kids guitars and drum kits around – add in the mic with stand and your kids could start there very own band!

The hand held and portable mics are better for children who enjoy singing in their room or taking their toys over to their friends house to play. The portable and hand held kids mics usually have more features and are almost their own karaoke machine so take that into account also.

My Choice for Best Hand Held Kids Microphone

If you have a couple of toddlers, pre-schoolers (ages 3 and up) or even kids a little order than the Sing-Along CD Player is a great choice for both boys and girls. It includes 2 microphones so it makes it a great option to get the kids playing together. With the CD player it becomes its very own karaoke machine.

Apart from the two mics and CD player, the Sing-Along CD player includes full transport functionality (forward & back track search, repeat, play, stop) as well as a quality loudspeaker that will make sure the kids are heard (if you don’t mind that!).

If the noise ever becomes a problem then there is a headphone jack for private listening and saving mom’s sanity.

My Choice for Best Kids Microphone With Stand

The Winfun Sing ‘N Jam Platform microphone is my choice for the youngsters who want to feel like they are part of a band. (Add in a kids guitar or keyboard for some real fun). The stand is 42” tall so suitable for children 3 years and up.

The kids mic comes with a few different types of features to the Sing-Along CD Player listed above. There are some cool sound effects such as clapping and cheering from the crowd as well as a cute little introduction. There is a flashing disco ball for that little bit extra.

The micrphone also comes away from the stand so the kids can move around a bit. This also removes the restriction of the height of the stand.


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