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Kids Pink Razor Moped

Updated on January 9, 2016

Kids Moped

Razor - Electric Motor Bike

The electric sccoter was made popular by Razor a company that was founded in June 2000. Razor USA, LLC is a privately held company that is based in Cerritos, California. They hold the worldwide rights to the Razor brand, which and is home to the wildly popular gift for girls and gift for boys, the Razor kick electric scooter. Other great gifts for girls and boys is Razor and their other scooters like the E100, E200, and E300 which are all electric scooters. The cutting-edge line of Razor mopeds also includes the Dirt Rocket, Pocket Mod, Pocket Rocket, Ground Force, a line of electric powered ride-on toys, and a junior line of scooters.

Razor Scooter Shop

Razor has numerous awards including Toy Industry Association's Toy of the Year, and Toy of the Year honors from TIME, Parents, Parenting, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Nick Jr., and U.S. News & World Report. No better seal of approval when you shop online for a gift for girl especially for the girls pink ride on moped that everyone seems to want.

Sweat Pea Moped

Pink Moped for Girls

Pink Razor For Girls

What girl wouldn't want this Razor Electric Pocket Mod Scooter. Named Bella (in Italian it means pretty) this scooter is a fun, fashionable set of wheels. Vintage-inspired styling meets high-performance in the classic Italian scooter design. Makes me remember the old Vespa. Euro chic while cruising at speeds of up to 12 mph.

Totally retro from the fifties, this cool scooter will surely make heads turn. Holds up to 220 pounds and can travel up to 10 miles on one charge.This razor pocket mod scooter has a smooth ride, and at speeds up to 15 MPH the Pocket Mod gets you there on time and in style.

Pink Razor

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Pink Electric Razor

Sweet Pea Seated Electric Scooter

Some like to stand while other prefer to sit. Either way your little girl (or boy as this scooter comes in blue as well as pink) will love this on the go scooter. The Razor E300S has a detachable seat so the rider gets to choose which position! One of the speediest scooters on the market your kid can go up 15 miles per hour. With a clean green electric power you are sure that this is a super quiet engine the electric power engages a a chain driven motor.

  • Up to 45 Minutes of Continuous Use
  • Battery charge time of 8 hours
  • Extra wide 10" pneumatic tires for a smooth ride
  • Weight Limit: 220 lbs
  • Assembled Product Dimensions: 41 x 17 x 42
  • Product Weight: 52 lbs
  • backed by a 90-day warranty
  • Foldable handlebars

Don't forget that all riders need a helmut to operate an electric scooter.

Electric Moped for Kids

Gift for Boys Scooter Shop

Kids love to cruise the neighborhood riding an electric scooter. So could their be a more exciting gift for boys. The Razor motorized sccoters and mopeds are powered by electricity, and provide endless fun. These scooters feature a high-performance, chain-driven electric motor and a vintage-inspired body. Any girl or boy would love to receive this scooter for a gift this season.

Euro Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter
Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod

Electric Scooter Gift for Girls

Razor has a Pocket Mod that can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour--plenty fast enough for a quick trip to the corner store or a fun ride in the country. This purle scooter also teams a pair of 12-inch pneumatic tires with a rear suspension system to ensure a comfortable ride. Best to choose this color when your girls pink ride on moped needs to be purple. Other features include a retractable kickstand, variable-speed acceleration, a padded seat, and a built-in battery that travels for up to 10 miles on a single charge. This is sure to be a gift that girls will be riding for many years to come.

Best Moped Gift for Girls

Razor Electric Scooter

The Pocket Mod gives every young girl with an eye for fashion and a passion for fun a set of wheels that is sure to be the most wanted gift on the block. This moped is a scaled-down European-styled scooter with powerful electric motor. This kids electric scooter has a storage compartment under padded seat and kids can scoot around for hours of fun.

The Mini Rocket

Scooter for Boys
Scooter for Boys

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Moped

Gift for Boys

In this scaled-down, miniature electric scoot bike kids can ride safe as this is built for controlled street environments, This electric bike for kids has a single-speed, chain-driven motor and can reach a speed of up to 15 MPH. Razor rocket mini can cruise for up to 30 minutes on a single charge.This model of electric scooter is recommended for giving a gift for boys13 and older and the bike can support a kids weight of up to 170 pounds.

Razor Pocket Rocket Miniature Electric Bike

Girls Youth Pink Scooter

Razor Sweet Pea Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Euro-Style Scooter for Girls
Razor Sweet Pea Pocket Mod Miniature Electric Euro-Style Scooter for Girls

Sweet Pea Youth Multi-Sport Moped Accessories

Razor Sweet Pea Pocket Mod

Pink Moped

Customized all in pink with stylish decals, sweet handlebar streamers and a sporty bell makes for the perfect gift for girls. * Vintage-inspired Mod design and high performance electric motor provide the perfect mix of utility and style * This girls pink ride on moped Can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge * Scaled down classic scooter design carries riders up to 170lbs * Single speed, chain driven motor for maximum power transfer * Large 12"" pneumatic tires for a smooth ride * Retractable center mount kickstand

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter
Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Razor E300S Seated Electric Scooter

Electric scooter with detachable seat for easy cruising and commuting

  • Padded seat for a comfortable ride
  • Generously sized deck and frame
  • High-performance, quiet chain-drive motor for speeds up to 15 mph
  • Twist-grip acceleration control
  • Hand-operated rear brake
  • Folding handlebar mechanism for easy storage and transport
  • Extra-wide 10-inch pneumatic front and rear tires for smooth ride
  • Includes two 12-volt sealed lead acid batteries, battery charger and tools
  • Up to 45 minutes of continuous riding per charge
  • Battery charge time of 8 hours
  • Maximum rider weight: 220 pounds

Razor Lil' Kick Scooter
Razor Lil' Kick Scooter

Princess Scooter Gift for Girls

Pink Razor Kick Scooter

Razor A Scooter – Great gift for kids who are just beginning to ride scooters.

  • Three-wheeled scooter gift for girls ages 3 to 5 (up to 60 pounds)
  • Decked out in pink Disney princess theme, including handlebar streamers
  • 6-inch translucent pink polyurethane wheels
  • Skid-resistant foot plate for safe footing, steel frame for excellent durability
  • Adjustable handlebar height


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