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Kids' Pool Toys at Discount Prices!

Updated on February 12, 2011

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Looking for kids pool toys and discount pool toys for inground pools or above ground pools? Good for you! In my half century on earth, I’ve had three above ground swimming pools. In fact, I have one in my back yard right now, surrounded by an expansive wooden deck that has two levels – three, if you count the brick-paved cooking area adjacent to the deck. Above ground pools and inground pools can be a great source of fun, especially if you have kids in the family, or if your friends have kids. My children are grown now, but they each have kids, and they all live near me…and my swimming pool. So you know what that means. From April or May through September, my swimming pool is often filled with kids, along with discount pool toys and kids’ pool toys.

I have eight grandchildren, ranging in age from almost a year old to eight years old, and they all love my swimming pool. Before we got our pool, the kids and grands would go swim at local clubs or friends who had above ground pools or inground pools. Now they don’t have to. We have “Nana’s Country Club” right here at home, complete with swimming pool, hot tub, grills and smokers, and outdoor dining areas. Of course, the favorite part of this for the little ones is the pool. What they really love, however, are the pool toys!

We have a lot of pool toys - mostly discount pool toys. Many are inflatable pool toys that include kids’ pool toys like giraffes, dolphins, seahorses, and alligators. We also have “jet skis,” boats, and canoes. These are favorites with the boys. Not all the pool toys are inflatable pool toys, however, nor are all our inflatable pool toys kids’ pool toys. For example, many inflatable pool toys can be used for adults, too. These might be in the form of floating games, floating islands, and floating chairs with drink holders. But let’s get back to kids’ pool toys.


Swimming pool toys are great for encouraging your children to use their imagination. I’m always amazed at the scenarios and story lines my grands come up with when playing with our swimming pool toys. Sometimes they ride all the inflatable pool toys and have a “water parade.” Sometimes they pretend the pool toys are horses, and they play cowboy. It’s easy to turn many swimming pool toys into a bucking bronco. Make waves, and the critters will pitch and twist, just like a rank horse. The girls love to play mermaid and pretend the seahorses are their mounts.

For inground pools, and for above ground pools that are surrounded by a deck, you might want to consider a pool slide. If your kids are small, you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on a pool slide. One of the inflatable pool slides or plastic folding pool slides will work great. You can place the water hose at the top of the pool slides to easily turn them into water slides. Just place the slides on the deck or cement surround, and voila! You have a cheap pool slide.


Other favorites with the kids are the swim rings. The four older grandchildren enjoy jumping off the deck into these. Sometimes they’ll line up four rings, get a running start, and race to the edge of the pool and jump into their rings and swim across the pool. The one who reaches the other side first is the winner. I’ve found that this activity is very good for burning up all that energy that kids are prone to have. Even the babies enjoy the swim rings. We have the ones with built-in seats for them. We even have a couple with tops to prevent the babies’ tender skin from becoming sunburned.

Our pool wouldn’t be nearly as much fun for the kids if it weren’t for the pool toys. I think they’d get bored pretty quickly. While I’m perfectly happy to lie on my float, relax, and work on my tan, most kids don’t find this lack of activity too compelling. They’d much rather be whooping and hollerin’! that’s why we keep a number of kids’ pool toys on hand whenever the pool is available for swimming.

Inflatable pool toys are probably my favorite of all our pool toys. At the end of summer, when we close the pool for the season, we can just deflate the toys. Once deflated, they take up little room, so they’re easy to store until the warm months and swimming returns. After being stored all winter, all we have to do is take them out, inflate them, and wipe them off with a wet cloth. They’re ready to go again!


We’ve noticed that not all inflatable pool toys are of the same quality. A few have lasted only one season, although we have several that have lasted for years. Hubby keeps several vinyl patch kits on hand to make quick repairs when needed. These have worked well for us, so if you have inflatable pool toys, I suggest you keep some patch kits on hand. With a lot of rough horse play, tears and punctures are bound to occur.

Swimming pool toys are relatively inexpensive, and they’re a great entertainment value. On any given spring or summer weekend, our pool is literally full of toys! Sometimes it looks like a watery zoo. Even if you don’t have your own swimming pool, but you have kids and regular access to above ground pools or inground pools, you definitely need a few kids pool toys!

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    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 6 years ago from Georgia

      Many thanks, Pool supplies!

    • profile image

      Pool Supplies 6 years ago

      Kids pool toys are safe and enjoyable and encourage kids to learn swim. Thanks for this information and the photos are very nice.

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      Lol, Lizzy. I like playing with the noodles in swimming pools, too! I guess we're both kids at heart!

    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 7 years ago from India

      Hi habee,

      I come from New delhi where there is not enough space for people leave aside pools. Most of delhi houses are complex with only 1000 sq ft covered area in apartments. But i did love the pics u put and as Dzymslizzy said yes i m jealous of people who have access to so much water in their home.

    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 7 years ago from Oakley, CA

      What can I say? I'm jealous! LOL I would love to have a pool, but a real pool of any size, is just not in the budget.

      We have a very small, rigid-frame above-ground pool that we can set up and take down seasonally...but it's only 10 feet across and barely over 3 feet deep. No room to play and goof around unless you're quite small.

      For the rest of us, it's only big enough to jump in, cool down & get out.... ;-)

      Interesting hub, though, and timely, with the spring and summer on the approach. I love to play with air mattresses and those goofy "noodles" ... ...