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Kids Swim Accessories

Updated on May 7, 2013

Pool Time Fun!

Kids love to be in the water and having a few accessories can make all the difference. From colorful arm bands to bubble making machines, there are lots of different swim accessories that can make for a great day in the pool.

There are all sorts of toys available from sprinkler attachments so they can jump through the water to wading pools.

If you want to protect your children's tender feet, a water shoe is the perfect solution. They will work well pool side or for a day at the beach.

If you have a pool in your backyard I'm sure there is concern about your little ones getting in the pool when you aren't nearby. There is a terrific program that teaches children as young as six months how to turn over on their back, float and cry for help. Check out the video below!

More fun in the sun with this spiral sprinkler! It shoots balls on a powerful jet of water. Place it anywhere you want in your yard and your kids will have loads of fun all summer long!

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this sprinkler: "My grandkids love this sprinkler because there is more to do than just run around it. They love to chase the balls and plop them back into the spiral, and they laugh like crazy when they pop out and stay on top of the water column. They experiment with putting two balls in, running their hands through the stream of water, etc."

What could be more fun on a hot summer's day than to be able to splash around in a pool! Young children are going to love this wading pool. The mat has undersea graphics and the "fountains" squirt water!

Here is what on happy parent had to say about this wading pool: "My son and niece were in it every day and had a great time. It's perfect for small children because they can get in and out easily and on their own. You can also adjust the height of the "squirts" by adjusting the hose."

Li'l Squirt Baby Wading Pool

Your kids will love this bubble maker. It will create hundreds of bubbles at the push of a button! You kinds will have tons of fun as it can be used for outdoor or indoor parties, barbeque or for no reason at all.

Here is what one happy parent had to say about this bubble machine: "I bought this for my two year old daughter to use indoors and outdoors. She loves bubbles, but I do not always have time to sit and blow bubbles for an hour or so. I purchase this and it is one of her favorite things now."

Kidoozie Bubble Machine

Infant Swimming Resource Video

Fast, fearless, curious--your child sees a world without limits. You see a world with potential hazards. And the leading hazard for young children: water. Give your child an extra measure of protection with aquatic survival instruction from Infant Swimming Resource (ISR). ISR, a nationally recognized program, offers private highly specialized certified instruction for children from 6 months of age.

Protect your little one's feet with this water shoe by Speedo. It has a fast-drying stretch fabric upper with contrasting trim and logo detailing. Makes for sure footing in and out of the water.

Here is what one happy customer had to say about this water shoe: "This is a good water shoe for kids, it fits properly and is comfortable on their feet. Provides good protection."

Speedo Surfwalker Pro Water Shoe

If you don't want your child getting too much sun while in a kid's pool, then this one is ideal. It has a canopy that can be adjusted. It also has an air-cushioned floor making it a safe play surface and will inflate in about five minutes.

Your kids will have lots of fun with this fun fireboat float. It features a built-in water squirter, protective sun shade and space for two. This float is the perfect pool toy to ensure active aquatic adventures.

Here is what one happy owner had to say about this float: "I love this fire boat. It fit three children all the ages of four and five. It is flat on the bottom so that the children do not get wet. This is a very nice fire boat and the children loved to sit in it. I used this boat when the children did not want to go for a swim but I did. My little ones were able to sit in the boat and they had shade in it at the same time I was able to swim with the whole family."

Enjoy a day in the pool and just sit back and relax with friends in this circular float. It has been designed to hold up to four swimmers and features built-in handles, headrests and a cut-out bottom for foot-powered propulsion. Your kids will have fun floating or rocking in the pool.

Inflatable Swimming Pool Shock Rocker

Great little board for young swimmers so they can stay afloat in the pool. It helps them gain some confidence while they are in the pool or it can be used for games and exercise.

What Swim Accessories Do Your Children Use?

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