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Killzone 3 Game for PS3

Updated on March 11, 2011

The developers of Killzone 3 promises an overall improved gaming experience.

There is more good news coming for the fans of the Killzone game, as the Killzone franchise is set to launch the newer version of the Killzone game series named Killzone 3 by February 2011. The game continues from where the Killzone 2 was left off. Here, in this mission will be sent as soldiers of ISA to fight in the world of Hellghan. On the other hand the Helghast (Enemies) will be very brutal and deadly as ever.

Story line:

The main story line of the Killzone 3 deals with the series of events that happened after the Killzone 2, the control of the Hellghan city goes to the political groups and the soldiers of the ISA will be caught in the middle of this with limited resources to fight with. If you are to survive, you must fight harder and smarter which makes the game even more interesting.

Game Details:

Developers: Guerilla.

Publisher: SCEE.

Distributor: Ster Kinekor.

Platform: PS3.

Release date: Feb 2011.

In Killzone 3 the game will feature around a larger environment, which is round 10 times bigger than the Killzone 2 version. The graphics and the game play music are very good compared to the older versions. In addition to this the game also supports spectroscopic 3D visuals. So those who are using 3D Tv can enjoy this game in full 3D view with more realistic sound experience, which is fantastic.

Weapon wise the game includes a mixture of classic and new weapons with many varieties. Apart from this, the player can also use many varieties of vehicles like Land, air, jetpacks etc.

Like weapons and vehicles, the variety has also been added to the enemies as you will find more air troopers and soldiers carrying hand held mass destructible weapons.

Killzone 3
Killzone 3


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