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Kinds Of Sword Holders

Updated on July 13, 2010

There are a variety of sword holders that you will find around.  They come with distinct features which are sure to feed the appetites of collectors.  Some people will say scabbards when they are referring to holders and the definitions differ.  Most people will call them pommels or hilts and sometimes guards and this is alright.  If you are a collector, it is important to know more than the names of the holders and the following information will guide you.  Whether it is in defence or contest, the holders are keys in enabling people to hold the swords.  There is no question that some holders will be more prominent than others.

 This article seeks to explore some of the top ones.  The main purpose for the holders is to secure the swords on walls and this is pretty important.  One of the best examples of a holder is the vertical sword holder which has been around for a long time.  Their work has been to support or hang swords on walls and they are not very common in markets these days.  Collectors definitely value these holders and the following is a look at them in-depth.  They are known to hold swords like the samurai and katanas and this is their use.  The holder that is vertical has also been seen to work well with a number of medieval swords.

 One factor that needs to be considered to ensure compatibility in this regard is width.  The following features are vital to keep in mind as you look for excellent vertical holders that are sure to blow you away.  A physical feature that will form a beautiful masterpiece is the nickel finish on the vertical sword holder.  With this holder, you will not just hold the sword securely but will also hold even guns and this is fascinating.  This is one of the main reasons why many will prefer these vertical holders over others.  It will also be known by its unobtrusive design which is unique.

 If you are wondering where to buy this or any other sword holder, you can be sure to get great products online.  The countless outlets that have great stock on this product will help you access helpful products.  One of those sites is By the sword which is a portal that can lead you not just to excellent products but to good information as well.  Information is power and when you know about the different features of holders, you will certainly make a more informed choice in this regard.  To access other sites, you can make a quick search that will reveal so much more regarding sword holders.


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