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Kinect Joy Ride Review

Updated on May 20, 2011


The Xbox 360 game system has several compatible truck games, but few are as excellent as Kinect Joy Ride. With the ability to do full body stunts, wild kart racing takes on an entirely new meaning. Players go faster, higher, and can be wilder than ever possible with the first racing game that does not require a controller. Engage in cooperative play with your residential co-pilot or compete with as many as eight other players worldwide using your Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Show off your skills while racing on six exciting courses within various environments in three different worlds.

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Dimensions of the Kinect Joy Ride game box are 7.5 x 6.6 x 0.6 inches. The box weighs 4.6 ounces.

Kinect Joy Ride includes:

  • Game for the Xbox 360 system
  • The first racing game that does not require a controller- you are the controller
  • A twist on traditional wild kart racing
  • Full body stunts
  • Go wilder, faster, and higher than ever
  • Five gaming modes
  • Landscapes include several environments, six hyperactive courses, and three worlds
  • Accommodates multiple players, including Xbox LIVE competition with a maximum of eight players
  • Upload your gaming photos to Facebook via KinectShare

Pros and Cons


  • No controller required
  • Full-body gaming
  • Options for play include Xbox LIVE eight-player competition
  • Excellent interactive game


  • Originally was supposed to be free for Xbox LIVE Gold membership holders
  • Learning to steer vehicle takes time
  • No speed control for vehicle

Kinect Joy Ride Gameplay Video


You serve as the controller for the Kinect Joy Ride game, navigating around various obstacles, performing your best full body stunts, and performing acrobatic feats while in mid-air. What a difference results form not needing a steering wheel or controller! Five gaming modes are available and players can compete with eight others when they have an Xbox LIVE membership.

This game is designed for fun and competition, with players selecting from six thrilling courses and three different worlds. Boosts and power-ups are available to give players a competitive edge when spinning in air, using rockets, and drifting. This game is so much better than traditional truck games. Outpace your opponents in dash mode by using your boost and try crash mode when you are feeling aggressive. Jump mode lets you show off your stunts and get air-bound. With pose mode, you match poses with other players while in the air. The entire family will enjoy this interactive game.

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