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Buy Kinect Wall Mount | Stand For Xbox Kinect Sensor

Updated on January 17, 2012

Kinect Wall Mount

A Kinect wall mount is one of the most essential accessories with Kinect. The Kinect gaming sensor uses advanced technology to assess depth and gesture. Its basically a gaming support device but by the next windows releases in future it will be also be used to support gesture recognition in laptops and desktops.
Kinect is a new device and none of the home furnitures comes with a place to exclusively hold it. If you are a die-hard Kinect gamer and want get the most out of the gaming experience you could get a Kinect wall mount for pretty cheap price from amazon or ebay. According to the Xbox instructions Kinect needs 6 feet of room to play. A wall mount helps you mount the kinect at the best locations in the room and make the maximum space available to play. Additionally, mounting Kinect at proper height will help you play with normal gestures without the need to bend or kneel to get in screen.

Kinect The Innovative Master Piece of Science

Apart from being a breakthrough gaming accessory. Kinect is also a cool web cam that support live web conferencing in innovative ways. In fact, it was the first device to launch the hangout concept back in Oct 2010 which was later implemented popularly by Google+ in 2011. If you haven't yet tried out Kinect, I recommend it, you should. There are a lot of upcoming games build for playing with the Kinect and its definite to revolutionize the way we play games tomorrow. There are a lot of other things too that you can do with a Kinect. It's drivers for Linux and Windows are available now, so you can install those drivers and play one of the few games available for PC itself. With the launch of Windows 8 the gesture recognition would be deeply integrated to the Operating System also, this make Kinect a mandatory accessory for daily computing. Some students from MIT, have already written JavaScript codes (called Depth.js) to control browser with gestures via Kinect. You would need a Kinect wall mount to properly position it in your room. Don't forget to grab one for cheap from eBay or Amazon!


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