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"Kingdom Come: Deliverance": Skills and Tactics Strategy Guide

Updated on April 25, 2020
Kyler J Falk profile image

Video games are a big part of my life, and I wish I wanted them to stay that way.

"Kingdom Come: Deliverance"
"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" | Source

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the hardest, most realistic medieval fantasy adventure games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. As such, I've dumped hundreds of hours into it, and I've refined the process for leveling all your skills extremely quick. If you aren't the type to enjoy making the game easier, in an unrealistic way, then this guide is not what you are looking for. If you don't have the game yet, you're doing yourself a disservice!

Go pick up a copy for yourself, and all the DLC, now! It's more than worth it!

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

I advise going through Steam for the PC version!

Skills Not Kills

Alright, so I was able to learn my lesson the hard way, finding that killing everyone you come across is not a viable option in this game early on. It isn't even a viable option half-way through the game, and not until near the end-game can you really tank just about any battle you face. However, if you follow this guide and everything I'm about to tell you within it, you'll see yourself blowing your way through the competition at a pace unheard of outside of legend!

Pro tip: This game is about skills, not kills!

Careful you don't get cornered!
Careful you don't get cornered! | Source

Where to Focus

Pro tip: Human Dustbin and Insomniac are necessary perks to pick up as soon as possible, unless you'd rather spend a lot of time sleeping and eating. If you opt out of these "immersion balancing" perks, you'll be taking a lot more time in this process for mundane activities with no benefit to you.

In this order, level your skills respectively:

Speech, Charisma: First and foremost we want to focus on your speech and charisma skills. Ensure that every beginning choice you make goes toward these skills, as they are the slowest to level overall, and will be invaluable all throughout the game. They have more use within the game than any other skill, and both are mandatory for a "passive" play through. The best way to level this outside of making it a focus at the beginning of the game is to trade with merchants and doing side quests. Always take the Burgher perk, most people you deal with in the game will be within parishes and cities, and anything that boosts your rapport with commoners is a must. In order to reinforce these skills we need to focus on herbalism next.

Herbalism: This skill is invaluable to your charisma skill, and mid-game for alchemy, but really we only need it for charisma. Spend a few hours, after you make it past the intro, collecting all the flowers you can. An assortment is needed, so diversify your collection as much as possible, and do this until you have leveled up and unlocked the skill "Flower Power" which comes at level 5. This skill will allow you to have a passive +2 charisma bonus. Next step is to learn to read.

Reading: Simple step here, follow the main quest until you unlock the side quest to learn to read. It happens really early on, so it won't take too long, and as soon as you unlock go and complete it. Reading is invaluable for alchemy later on, and even more so for proving to certain NPCs you are worth speaking to in the first place. Read all the books you find. Now that you are a flowery smelling, silver tongued, educated man, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty and find the nearest field of cows in a secluded area.

Strength, Warfare, Agility, Unarmed: So, you've found yourself a field of cows in a secluded place. You have stumbled on the holy grail, my friend, now start punching them (punch, no weapons)! Make sure no one is looking and wail away at them until they faint! It is best to do so in an area where you can herd them into a corner they can't run from you in, and so that no one will see you beating their livestock. After about three minutes or so after being knocked out they'll get back up. Repeat this process for as long as you can stand it! The longer you can handle punching livestock, the easier the game will be going forward. Pigs and dogs are also a healthy alternative to cows! This will help especially in the next step, stealth.

Stealth, Bow: You are ready for the most overpowered skills in the game, truly a game breaking set of skills if you can level them high enough. Now is the time to squat down, bust out your bow and arrows, and camp just outside of any active place you'd like. Take out any and every passerby, steal all their stuff, and ensure you exchange your clothes for anything that will raise your charisma and speech! Do not do this if you are attempting a passive approach and do not get caught! If you get caught, load your most recent save or deal with the horrible consequences! For those passive players, instead head out to the forest with as many arrows as you can carry, remain crouched, and raise your hunting level by poaching animals! The meat and furs, as well as any other goodies you choose to pick up will net you a lovely profit.

Pro tip: Buying your horse a large saddlebag is key to your success with finances. Make sure you know where you can purchase new horses and get yourself all the carrying capacity you can. You're gonna need it for all your loot!

Victory is your destiny!
Victory is your destiny! | Source

Be Patient

The final piece of this guide is of course the most important piece to keep in mind. You must be patient! This isn't like Skyrim where you can take on a dragon as part of the intro mission, you really have to earn your victories in this game through skill and patience. However, there is a way to make it easier, with less risk, but it is ultimately the most time-consuming process that will see you tired of the game quite swiftly.

You cannot save-crawl in this game, because the Savior Schnapps system will see that you have a limited amount of saves in the early game. If you must, for the sake of completion, save-crawl in the early stages of the game, then utilize the save and quit feature any time you can. Before every risky move, save and quit; it will save you so much heartache and anger, but waste so much precious play time.

Now get out there, and start your grind to fame and riches!


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