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Kingdom Conquest 2 iOS Game

Updated on April 3, 2013
Kingdom Conquest 2
Kingdom Conquest 2

Now here's a game determined to be all things to all players. Kingdom Conquest 2 is a fantasy action game, it's an RPG, it's a castle-builder, it's a card game. Deep breath... it's free-to-play, it's available for all iPads, and it's online. Phew. Thing is, Kingdom Conquest 2 doesn't really excel at anything it tries, but as a massive free dose of fantasy for your iPad, it's tough to knock.

You start off crawling through a dungeon, as a powered up knight who has no trouble hacking through a rag-tag band of skeletons before slaying a dragon and generally saving the day. Hurrah for Sir Smugahad. Turns out that this opening scene is just a taste of combat, and afterward you're taken to a more familiar isometric castle area to learn about the joys of asset management and strategic warfare.

The amount of information thrown at you during your first hour with Kingdom Conquest 2 is overwhelming. There are so many systems and sub-menus to wade through, and the way your stern guide talks will make you start to wonder if there's going to be an exam at the end of it all. There is no exam, by the way. To be fair, true depth is rare in tablet games, so it's nice to see Kingdom Conquest catering for the long-haul. A gentler intro, though, would have been wise.

As a strategy game, KC2 works well. Resource management is kept to a minimum, and the focus is mainly on battles and expansion. As an action game, it's not exactly best-in-genre. Although the controls are well thought-out, battles are wars of attrition until you get some decent powers. Things are more interesting in co-op, but the already stuttering action becomes even rougher. In fact, we recommend an iPad 2 or later to make this run with any kind of slickness or stability at all.

So plenty of problems, but that depth is incredible. There are items to win during every dungeon crawl, new units to acquire (for expanding your empire) via a card system that unlocks after each action section, and a marketplace for flogging and buying new loot. And let's not forget, Kingdom Conquest 2 is free to download. If you like your games with ambition, don't mind a few rough edges, and you're prepared to put in some grind, this will last you months.


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