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Kingdom Heart 3 Review

Updated on February 25, 2019
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A.R. Somoza, Is the creator of Before the Sequel. His main mission is to talk about his digitial consumption and share his experience.

A Disney Adventure In Your Hands.

I never pictured fighting this line up.
I never pictured fighting this line up.

Disney never felt so magical, and its thanks to the tour de force of square-enix. The studio provides a convoluted doomed story that spices up these whimsical Disney stories. If your stepping into Kingdom Hearts series from the second main entry (Kingdom Hearts) than your taking a leap far ahead into the future. Which will leave you scratching your head till the end credits no matter how much expositions Goofy provides to answer any of your questions.

Besides the fact Goofy turns out to be smartest character of the series. KH3 pays homage to the source material from Disney. Voice actors give characters a believable, and almost identical performance like there movie counterparts. Turning every cringe worthy line into laughs. Some plots points that were created by the previous installments end up being ridiculous. Especially at the end of the game, Where characters even joke about it. Rounding up the story of Kingdom Hearts 3 into a satisfying main dish, that failed to deliver with the appetizers.

"May your heart be your guiding key"

— Sora (Keyblade Numbskull)

Too Many Rides Not Enough Thrills

Even though Kingdom Hearts is very fun to play, the difficulty has been balanced terribly to accommodate new comers to the series. No more will you have to worry about leaving dents on your forehead from bashing your head into your controller. None of these fights will stress you out to the point of rage quitting or calling it a night. The only time I felt any sense of challenge from the game was at the very end. When I was finally reduced to using my potion items.

What makes it more bewildering, I was playing KH3 on proud mode. Sora is basically a god in this installment, who can summon so many assist in the heat of battle it overwhelms the enemy. Your Assist bar stack on top of each other, which is mixed with random overly powered attraction summons, team attacks and Key Blade transformations. Not including the extra party members made up of Disney characters, coming to a total of five party members in battle. You have a whole arsenal to Dominate any Boss fight on the tip of your thumb. In the end I beat the main story, seven levels below the recommendation of the final world.

No Filters Needed
No Filters Needed

Beautifully Flawed

The ride till the end is full of beautiful vistas.Disney worlds are vibrant with weather effects organically springing them to life.The blizzards in frozen look and feel cold, while the salt ocean sprays of the Caribbean sound like there an earshot away. Its fun to compare Disney character in game models to they're theatrical counterparts, while the background music thoughtfully guides you through each world and its many battles with the heartless.

The notable mentions being the pirates of the Caribbean battle theme song, and "Face My Fears" from Utada Hikaru with special guest Skrillex. These facelifts mask the almost rubber look of the some of the organization members and even main cast. Which could come off as a opinionated nit pick, but the jagged anime-eques hairstyles of the square-enix inspired characters... come off looking like helmets with no sign of a hair line.

KH3 has much to offer post game.
KH3 has much to offer post game. | Source

Post Game 70 + Hours In

Kingdom Hearts is full of alternative distractions for you to get involved with, which your pleasantly rewarded for your curiosities. The Gummi Ship is back with open "SPACE"... Where you can fly through the galaxy and, farm precious materials from asteroids to upgrade your key blades. Miniature battles inspired from arcade classic space shooters take place mounting up to bullet hell boss fights. You can also customize your gummy ship to speed through the galaxies when on your mission to take pictures of constellations.

These picture missions are riddled through out the game, rewarding you with crafting material for ultimate weapons and accessories. Which you equip to topple the Battle Gates that appear after the main story has been completed. Granting you access to a secret boss, a typical stable of Square-Enix. New abilities are also given to you near the end. Granting you access to unreachable areas in each Disney world, providing other hidden mini games. All in the purpose of helping you gain your PlayStation platinum and all Xbox achievements.

Ratings From One to Five

It's so easy, it may feel like a slough, but the boss fights are still fun to play.
Dont bother wrapping your head on whose who and whats what.
Collectibles,end - game minigames, and secret bosses. KH3 will keep you busy for weeks.
New tracks and Remix's of old ones keep the action bumpin'
moderately low, No New Game +, You can Platinum KH3 On the easiest difficulty
Best in the series and I would also have to say... in this generation of gaming.
no final scores just ratings.

A Great Direction For The Series.

Kingdom Hearts 3 left me satisfied all the way till the end. The ridiculous incoherent story wont deter your enjoyment as well. Even if long time fans know what's going on, the characters themselves gist about the amount of plot holes that just got filled. So fans will get what they expected out of the game... Let alone the disappointing difficulty.

But I understand Sqaure-Enix decision to decrease the difficult of this entry. Its a welcoming mat for a new generation of gamers who are curious enough to play Kingdom Hearts and get away from today's arena shooters. A generation that's the same age I was, when I played the first Kingdom Hearts on the PlayStation 2. There is still plenty of magic to witness after almost a decade and half with the series.


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