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Kingdom Hearts Girls III (Aqua, Larxene, and Olette)

Updated on May 21, 2014

Because these characters either 1) are featured for a relatively short amount of time or 2) don’t experience much character growth, this segment involves three of the six female characters. Enjoy!


3. Aqua (KH: Birth By Sleep, mentioned in KH: coded)

I really, really love Aqua because, get this: she’s Kairi. Or rather, she’s what Kairi was supposed to be. Unlike Xion, who is the plot-mover in her little trio, or Namine, who I consider to be separate from any trio, Aqua is the passive party; that is, her story doesn’t drive the story forward (Terra), nor does it react and add to the changes in the story (Ventus). She follows both of her best friends around, and even though she might try to talk them into going home, her actions don’t make much difference: Terra would continue to attempt to control the darkness, while Ventus would continue to chase after him. Her being present in the story makes absolutely no difference until the very end of the story, when she bests both antagonists and gives her friends as much as she can before sacrificing herself, but the story most likely would have ended very similarly had she not been there. However, Square Enix learned from their past mistakes by showing that just because Aqua is passive in terms of storyline doesn’t mean that she cannot have a meaningful storyline.

The main reason she is the “Passive” is because neither her motivations nor her impact changes throughout the story. Terra runs away to try to control the darkness in his heart, taking advice from Xehanort. Ventus’ story focuses on following Terra, but reacts accordingly to Xehanort and Vantus, causing him to reevaluate his place and his loyalties. Aqua, however, shows unwavering loyalty to Eraqus, shadowing Terra when commanded and continuing to follow Eraqus’ wishes when he tells her to try to save Terra and Ventus. That’s the entire reason the story begins with her becoming Keyblade Master – her story is finished, and she has no more need to grow.

No, the story (her side of it at least) is about her trying, and ultimately failing, to save her friends. Although they are her friends, she doesn’t have a problem with spying on them or vehemently disagreeing with their actions. At the end of BirthBy Sleep, when Terra tells Aqua that he’s gained control over the darkness in his heart, she doesn’t hesitate to tell him that she doesn’t think that is, and confides that she believes he’ll fall victim to it again. She cares deeply for her friends, as shown with her maternal treatment towards Ventus and her incessant search to find and save Terra, but she won’t mince words or support them when she believes it’s wrong. She has a high standard that she sets for herself and her friends, and she won’t stop trying to help them.

When everything falls apart, like it was destined to, she literally sacrifices herself to save Terra and Ventus, the very people who gave her so much grief by 1) not listening to her, and 2) accusingher of being a bad friend. She doesn’t sit and cry about her situation, or make sure they know now that she was right, but rather does everything possible to make it so that her friends can be saved eventually.

Basically, her resolve and unwaivering loyalty made me fall in love with her. You never get to see her grow and undergo dramatic character growth because she doesn’t need to, because she has already achieved the apex of her growth. Instead of working on reaching the most she can be, she instead focuses her energies on Terra and Ven, trying to guide them to the right path. In other words, she is the voice of reason among the three of them, the mentor, if you will.

4. Larxene (KH: Chain of Memories, KH: 358/2 Days)

Frankly, I can’t claim that I liked her. For one thing, it’s heavily implied that she was the one to take the most glee out of torturing Namine, which I hate as a Namine lover. She also has way too big of a mouth on her, which is a typical stereotype of women: She can’t keep her mouth shut, and it leads to Axel’s betrayal (though we see later that this would have happened anyway), and she, along with Marluxia, almost gives away information to Roxas during his “tutorial” days. However, she’s so damn sadistic and unapologetically brutal that you can’t help but have mad respect for her. She lives to make lives miserable, and is horribly good at her job. For such a flat and static character, she isn’t so bad. Can’t say I was depressed when she died, though.

5. Olette (Kingdom Hearts II, KH: Days)

It’s a bit sad that she only represents a part of Roxas’ “normal life” fantasy in the series, but I suppose it’s even sadder that she still ranks above Kairi. In her trio of Hayner (the react-er to the plot), Pence (the mover of the plot), and herself, she acts as Aqua, as the voice of reason, making sure her friends keep in line and don’t go too far. She also takes the time to listen to Kairi’s story, which is also nice. Basically, I don’t have much to say because there isn’t much to say, but if Square Enix chose to feature her more often, she could potentially be fleshed out into a more complex character.

Next will be the very last part of this meta, Kairi. Her meta is rather long, like Xion’s and Namine’s, so she will get one all to herself. Feel free to comment on what you think about this KH girls!


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