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Kingdom Rush walkthrough: Level 1 - Southport

Updated on April 16, 2013
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.

Level 1 - Southport

The first level of Kingdom Rush is as introductory a space as you might expect. It's not terribly challenging, and so long as you actually deploy a few towers you'll have no trouble mopping up the enemies. Nevertheless, it's a good idea to play this level properly - you need to get into some good habits before you take on the later levels.

Southport is a simple, twisted path leading from the north of the map to the east. The enemies will be forced to walk straight between any towers you may build. You have eight build spots, but on your first run through here you won't need to use more than four or five. Your build options consist of the following:

  • Archer Towers, which volley arrows at the enemy
  • Barracks, which field some soldiers who will attack the enemy
  • Mages Guild, which will blast the enemy with magic
  • Artillery, which blasts a small area

You're only facing two types of enemies here: the flimsy Goblins and the stalwart Orcs. Archer Towers are an option, but your arrows will have trouble piercing the Orcs' armour. A better idea is to set up one or two Mages who can blast away at your foes while soldiers from a Barracks keep them in place. Reinforcements can help your soldiers keep enemies from moving, and if you really don't want to use Mages the Rain of Fire move that's unlocked partway through the battle will ravage enemy ranks. Make sure to preserve Rain of Fire for the last group of enemies, as you'll want something that hits multiple enemies to whittle down the ranks of the incoming Goblins.

The key to making the most of your towers is proper placement. Anything ranged (such as your Mages) should be placed on the curve in the road to maximize the amount of ground they cover, while the Barracks flank your ranged towers and keep enemies pinned in one place. Move your troops together to engage multiple foes at once while they're getting blasted by the towers.

The last thing to note here, if you're doing a good job of fending off foes, is to bring in new waves early. A skull symbol will appear at the enemy spawn point; hover your cursor over it to reveal what's coming in the next wave. If you fended off the current wave well enough you can click this symbol to bring in the next batch and earn some extra gold. You can afford most of the towers you need early on in this level, but later you'll want to take advantage of the extra money for purchasing tower upgrades.

After successfully completing this level on Normal you'll earn stars based on your performance, to a maximum of three. You can use these stars to upgrade your towers between battles and ease future battles. Ideally you want to prevent every enemy from getting through.

Beyond Normal

- Kick the level up to Hard and you'll be facing a slightly more difficult, but still manageable, experience. Your tactics won't have to change much - just add more towers on the second half of the course to accommodate for inevitable trickle.

- Heroic Challenge can be unlocked by three-starring the normal campaign. No heroes are allowed (not that you have or need any at this point), you can't upgrade your buildings, and only one enemy needs to get through to end the mission. Your strategy here shouldn't be much different from before, though you'll want to use the stars you earned to upgrade your towers. Upping the potency of your Artillery isn't a bad choice, given the sheer number of enemies that try to creep through, and you can use Barracks and Reinforcements to keep enemies in place while the Artillery does its work.

- Iron Challenge is another three-star challenge that will eliminate your ability to use Archers and Mages as you cope with a single super wave. It's tempting to set Barracks along the path and let your soldiers clog the Goblins and Orcs, but by the end the stream is far too robust for soldiers alone to handle. Your best bet is to use a combination of Artillery and Reinforcements to whittle down their numbers, keeping Rain of Fire in reserve to blast the bigger crowds near the end. Reinforcements is essential to picking off anybody who manages to bypass your towers, so don't forget it!


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