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Kingdom Rush walkthrough: Level 2 - The Farmlands

Updated on April 16, 2013
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.
Kingdom Rush is copyrighted by Armor Games. All images used for educational purposes only.

Southport has been cleared of danger, but the fertile lands of the south are far from safe. There are plenty more of the mean greenies on the way in The Farmlands, and they're a bit stronger this time around. Fortunately, so are you.

Your first step should be to upgrade your abilities on the map. Using the stars you earned in the previous level you can make your towers stronger, allowing them to better face the foes to come. Enter this level and you'll receive another boon: you can now upgrade your towers to second level. This makes efficiently plowing through the enemy ranks and bringing in subsequent waves all the more important, as you'll need every cent to afford these new buildings.

Like the first level, the second has a single, twisty road, this one with seven build spots. To make the most of the geography you should build your ranged towers on the curves so they hit enemies for the longest period of time while they're rounding the corners. Because Orcs inhabit this map Mage Guilds remain an excellent choice, as do Barracks for generally holding enemies back.

Despite that, you may want to invest more heavily in Archer Towers in this map than anything else. The Farmlands introduce you to another new enemy: the Wulf. These swift little wretches get by other towers far too quickly, allowing only Archer Towers to get in a decent amount of damage. Upgrade your towers to Marksmen Towers and you can rush through Wulves with great ease, especially when paired with Barracks to slow the Wulves down. The Archer Towers will also come in handy for the mass number of Goblins that show up on this map, far outweighing the number of Orcs.

The other option is to use Rain of Fire to do most of your damage. Because of the single track Scorched Earth can really maul enemy groups, and there are a ton of tightly-clustered groups on this map. Combine the spell with Barracks to slow down the foes and it shouldn't be that difficult to take out your enemies.

Beyond Normal

- Hard is a bit more crowded, with tougher enemies. Nevertheless, the Rain of Fire strategy previously mentioned can mash up the competition so long as you keep close track of the progress of the enemy on all parts of the map. Clustered Mages are fantastic to pair with Rain of Fire.

- Heroic Challenge pits you against a ton of enemies, though Wulves are by far the most troublesome. A combination of Barracks and Reinforcements can stave them off, as well as strategically-timed Rain of Fire blasts. Wait for the waves of faster and slower units to converge at one spot before firing it off. If you go with all Barracks, make sure you deploy one on every available spot before you start upgrading - you need to be able to engage as many enemies as possible to prevent any from slipping through.

- Iron Challenge robs you of your Barracks - which is fine, because there are so many enemies that they wouldn't be much help anyway. Mage Guilds are your best bet for success, as there's a massive wave of Orcs at the end that will ignore hits from Archer Towers and Artillery. Wulves are an early problem, but their numbers peter out quickly. Use Reinforcements to keep them at bay while your Mage Guilds whittle them down. Again, make sure you cover every spot with Mage Guilds before you start upgrading.


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