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Kingdoms of Camelot Tutorial

Updated on March 23, 2012

Kingdoms of Camelot - Overview

Kingdoms of Camelot is an online game played through your Facebook account. It is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that allows you to build up to two cities and armies to defend your city against attacks and to capture resources from other cities.  The application developers did an outstanding job creating quests to help new players learn this fun tactics game.

The best way to learn the game is to follow the quests. These will help you to evenly build your city and its defenses. Check the price of the resources before you build too many of any one type of field. Currently, stone costs less than 1 gold piece each, and you may not want to build many quarries, because it is cheaper to buy the resource in the market. Additionally, the space in your field will be better spent on a farm, as that will help you maintaining larger armies once your might nears 900,000.

The other deviation from the quests is to build as few cottages as necessary to keep your population in check. Building extra barracks instead of cottages will help your build times later in the game.

Your idle population is used to determine how many armies you may build at any one time. If you have a small idle population, you won't be able to build as many archers, cavalry, etc in one queue as you would if you maintained a large idle population. Remember that there is little point in having a huge idle population if you only have a few barracks to build armies. The more barracks you own, the faster you can build the armies. A fine balance must be struck.

Other tips:

  • Give gifts to your friends as often as possible. Doing so will allow you to unlock high end gifts when you earn a Merlin's token
  • Help your friends build their items. Once per day you will get a Merlin's token.
  • Join an alliance as soon as possible. If you don't you stand a high risk of being attacked by other players looking for resources.
  • In addition to letting your fields earn resources, scout for small cities around your town. If you find a city without an alliance listed, it probably means that the player has quit playing. It is important to note that his fields will still produce (for you, if you loot it!)
  • Do not stockpile any resource until you have around one million might. If you do, and you get attacked, you risk losing a lot of your hard earned gold, food, wood, stone, and ore. You can always build a storehouse to protect some of it though.
  • As much as you may be tempted, do NOT place your cities right next to each other. There are several reasons for this. First, if you are attacked by a rival alliance, it will make it easy for them to hit both of your cities. Second, spreading out your cities will give you closer access to different types of wildernesses. When you can conquer high level wildernesses, you will appreciate not having to send armies on 40 minute hikes to attack. Lastly, having your cities in different provinces means you will have different prices for sale in the market. That will be handy if you want to make some gold by taking advantage of the market inefficiencies.

See tips on how to manage food supply!

Kingdoms of Camelot | Starting the Game

Advanced Food Management

If you play Kingdoms of Camelot for very long, you will quickly realize that the key to long term success lies in your ability to manage your food supply effectively. If you make too much, the excess will go to waste. Make to little and your troops will readily abandon you.

Learn how to balance your food supply with the growth of troops in this Kingdoms of Camelot tutorial. Here you will learn the intricacies of building a good base of food production in your fields while maximizing your bonuses from Knights, Wildernesses, Items and looting.  

The recurring bonuses that add to food production are always the best.  They will keep working for you even if you can't log in for a time.  The non-recurring bonuses and food gathering sources are great for short term gains, but they are difficult to rely on for long term sustainability. 

Armies and Attack Efficiencies

Armies rule this free online strategy game.  The bigger your army, the higher level barbarian camps you can harvest and the better your defenses for your own cities.  But how can you tell which types of troops are the best?  Are archers better than heavy cavalry?  Are pikemen better than swordsmen?

One of the ways to analyze this is to look at the attack efficiency of the troops.  That is the attack strength divided by the food that particular troop requires.  Using this measure, you can find the combination of troops that will provide the best attack for the least amount of overall food use.

Learn how to manage an army and maximize your attack in this Kingdoms of Camelot strategy guide.

Maximizing Might

"Might" is the measure of your power and success in Kingdoms of Camelot.  It can be earned through a number of actions like constructing new buildings, upgrading fields, adding additional troops and beefing up your defenses.  

It can be lost by having troops destroyed in battle.

Read this Kingdoms of Camelot Tutorial on the various ways to increase your Might in this wonderful free online game.

Divine Inspiration

In the course of normal game play, you can upgrade any building and field to level nine.  It is possible to upgrade these to level ten, but you need a special, rare item called the Divine Inspiration.

This item may be won in the daily raffle, but it is extremely scarce.  It is estimated that you have about a 1% chance of winning this item.  The most common method of earning one is by purchasing gems and trading in the gems in the store.  Unfortunately, this costs real-life money.

There are other ways to get them like placing well in a tournament, but that requires a significant amount of effort.

Read this article on Divine Inspiration for everything you wanted to know about this excellent game boost.

Defending Against an Attack

All too often, players complain that they are getting attacked routinely by aggressive players. There are numerous, fairly simple solutions to this problem. The best solution is to join an alliance that will help you, but there are actions that you can take on your own as well.

Read this article on how to Defend your Kingdoms of Camelot City from aggressive players.


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    • Which4u profile image


      9 years ago from Leicester, UK

      It's all about food supply! And building in a logical order, Great hub, keep it up!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      question on this game. I have tried selling goods for a price well under what the buying price is and they still don't sell. What are the regular prices for goods for this game.

    • RicardoBR profile image


      9 years ago from Singapura

      Some very good info, voted you up and useful! Ricardo

      More about:

    • profile image


      9 years ago

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      We made a chat room to post help links! (no tinyurls needed)

      Just register at forum and it will let you in - if you post links please help others!

    • profile image

      Danny Staple 

      9 years ago

      I've been playing KoC quite a bit, and now for a while in parallel with Evony. Of the two Evony looks more polished, although recent changes may leave KoC as the more playable game of the two.

      I've compared and reviewed them (and still adding to this) at

    • Mutiny92 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Arlington, VA

      Theresa, right now it appears you can only visit a court once. After that, it does not work. The developers are working on making Courts more useful though, so keep an eye out on future patches

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi, I know we can visit our friends courts to get wood, stone, etc. But why are some accessible and others not. Its driving me nuts!

    • profile image

      Lord Godeater 

      9 years ago

      Hey all. There's an up and coming KoC fansite where you can find in depth game guides complete with screenshots, tips & tricks, allies, alliances, community, easy to navigate layout, and much more. If you wanna check it out, the link is


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