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Kino Der Toten Running Strategy

Updated on June 16, 2011

Why Run?

In this hub, you will discover the simplicity and the effectiveness of running in Kind Der Toten. Personally, I think this is more effective because for one, you can't get trapped unless you're one of those unfortunate players who tried to run backwards and ended up stuck on a random box then eaten alive by the zombie horde. Two, if you use a gun thats on the wall, you can generate enough points in a couple routes that you can buy ammo and keep this cycle going so you never run out of ammo. Finally, most importantly, you can conserve ammo by running from trap to trap and turning them on.

Starting out

Rounds 1 -5

For rounds 1 - 5, do like you do in every zombie game. Only thing different is go upstairs and open up all the doors to the stage but we'll get to that later. For now, just hold out in the lobby. If you want you can do the glitch where someone prones out in the corner behind the bar beside the Quick Revive machine and someone dives on top of the proned out person. You'll know the glitch has worked when you hear the teddy bear sound go off and both people go down and need revived. This will help later in the game with getting power ups such as Instant Kill, Max Ammo, ect.

Rounds 6 - 10ish

After round 6, go upstairs and unlock the doors all the way to the stage. Pick up the MP40 on the way and hold out on the stage but DO NOT TURN ON THE POWER. More zombies will come and thats not needed . . . yet. Hopefully, the box is there on stage so you can get good guns and then rack up some points. Set up accordingly meaning guard the windows and have two on the from. Once you rack up over 5500, and everyone has about that, its time to turn on the power. Most likely if you wait until round 10, everyone will have more than enough to buy everything.

After 10

After you have the points you need, its time to swiftly get everything because the whole time your getting something, zombies are gaining on you. My advice to you is as soon as the curtains open, everyone sprint and get Juggernog. After that get out of the Juggernog area quick because its easy to get caught in the corner. Run out the theater into the lobby and shoot the zombies as they come through the doorway. Be careful though while shooting because gas zombies will drop down from behind you so watch that. After that run upstairs and shoot the zombies as they follow. Go to the next open door and down the stairs, pick up MP40 ammo if needed and pick up Speed Cola. Never stop in the dressing rooms because its very easy to get trapped in there, just make it easy on your self and run to the stage. If you have enough money, grab Quick Revive when running around because it'll prove useful

If The Box Goes To The Other Side Of The Map

If the box goes to the other side of the map, just unlock all the doors to the box then unlock the rest to the stage. Now since the other side of the map is unlocked, you have two circuits you can run. You can run from lobby to Double Tap to the upstairs room to the Stage, or run Lobby to MP40 to Stage. I prefer the MP40 route because while running outside past Double Tap, there's a point where zombies can drop down. To some, this proves no problem. To some, its proves a huge problem. If you do prefer this route, I advise you to pick up the AK74u because as you run this circuit, you'll end up running out of ammo and thats the gun that will be on the wall. Also, thats the most useful gun while running the route because none of the other guns you pass will be as powerful even though the AK74u isn't the most powerful.

I hope this proves helpful to some of the novice zombie players. Camping is alright if you controller only has one working analog stick or your buy the box but for the most part, you have to stay moving so you don't get overwhelmed. Thanks for reading and I hope this helped !


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