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Kirin Tor Familiar: Where To Find The Books

Updated on April 15, 2011

So you want to get the Kirin Tor Familiar companion for your toon but don't know where to find all the books? This is a written guide telling you where to find the books. There is also an excellent video at the end giving you visual directions on where to find these books.

This companion is a cool little guy to have following your toon around, especially if you are a warlock and have your voidwalker out! He is a light blue-ish color and looks just like the voidwalkers.

Not one of the books you need, but it's in the right spot.
Not one of the books you need, but it's in the right spot.

Chasing Down The Books

There are eight books you need to find and all of them are located in Dalaran in eight different places. You do not have to read the books or go through every page to get credit for them, you just need to open the books.

In a sense it was easier to find the books before Cataclysm came out because Dalaran was the main hangout for everyone and that is where most people left their toons logged out. But on the other hand that made it harder to find them because a lot of people were always looking for, and finding, them. It could be to everyone's advantage with the arrival of Cataclysm. Hardly anyone is in Dalaran anymore, so there is less competition looking for the books. But then again, I don't leave my toons logged out in Dalaran anymore abd traveling to Dalaran can be a bit of a nuisance.

Not every book you find will be one you need. There are other books that spawn in the same locations. If you find a book that is not one of the eight you need, go ahead and click it open. Clicking on it will set the spawn timer and maybe the next time it will respawn the book you need! One to two hours seems to be the time a book will respawn after it has been clicked. After a book has been clicked on it remains there for others to click on for about three minutes. After you find a book you need in one location you do not need to visit that site again. Each book spawns in it's own location, so keep track of where you have been and where you need to go!

On to chasing down these elusive books!

This is one of the books you need!
This is one of the books you need!

Where To Find Them

It doesn't matter where you start. Just start with the one that is closest to where you are. As soon as you figure out where all the books are located it is easy to run in a circle around Dalaran checking the spots for them.

The books in The Schools of Arcane Magic are as follows:

Introduction is found in The Violet Gate room. This is the room where the teleport is located to port down to Crystalsong Forest. The room is right across from the entrance to Dalaran from Krasus' Landing. As soon as you enter the room turn to your right. The book spawns on the floor next to the bookcase.

Illusion is located at The Violet Hold. As soon as you enter The Violet Hold turn to your left. Just past Archmage Timear are some boxes. The book will spawn on the box that is to the left.

Abjuration is located in The Dalaran Visitor's Center. As you are leaving The Violet Hold it is across the street and to the left. As soon as you go in the door of the Visitor's Center turn to your right. The book will spawn on the floor by the table on the side closest to the door.

Conjuration is found in The Violet Citadel. As soon as you enter the door of The Violet Citadel turn to your right. There are two bookcases there. Look at the bottom shelf of the bookcase on the left of the two. There is always one book on this bottom shelf. The book you need will spawn just to the left of this book.

Divination is upstairs in The Violet Citadel. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs turn to your left. Past the port that goes to The Cavern of Time are two bookcases. The book you need will spawn on the floor between the two bookcases.

Enchantment is located in The Threads of Fate. From The Violet Citadel go across the street and up the stairs to the right. As soon as you enter The Threads of fate go upstairs to the balcony. As soon as you enter the balcony turn to your right. The book you need will spawn on the box that has nothing on it.

Transmutation is located in The Legerdemain Lounge on the first floor. There are two bookcases by the West door. The book you need will spawn on the empty bookcase.

Necromancy is located on the top floor of The legerdemain Lounge. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs you can see a room almost straight across from the stairs. Go into that room. There will be an empty bookcase and that is where the book spawns.

What Happens Next

After you find and read (or at least open!) all eight of the books you will earn the achievement "Higher Learning"! You will also receive a book in your mailbox "The Schools of Arcane Magic - Mastery". This book "will teleport you to and from the spires atop The Violet Citadel and only works in Dalaran". Right click on the book and you are teleported to Archmage Vargoth's Retreat. Speak with Archmage Vargoth and he gives you the Kirin Tor Familiar! Teleport out and show off your new companion!

A Video Showing All Locations

Here is an excellent video that takes you to all the places the books spawn. You can see exactly where you will find the them.


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