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Knight online money/experience/quests basic guides 2014

Updated on December 18, 2014

Most Important (Market Research)

I cannot stress how important it is to learn the prices of items from the merchant stalls, buying low and selling high is the best profitable source in knight online, not only that how are you going to know what you're actually farming for to sell and how much its worth, for all you know you could basically give a rare item away that's worth hundreds of millions so here is some good information that will sure help you.. i will be updating this guide as i go along but it will be brief until i have collected the best possible information to give you guys,




This is just a brief description to get you into the whole questing process

Quest are a great way to level as they give items, exp and noah, the very first quest you will need to do is kill an earth which are located just outside of moradon, when the worm has been killed follow the quest instructions from there.. a green monster type will pop up telling you where to go and who to see, just click M and this will bring up the map, go into the right hand corner and click the arrow then scroll down and look for the npcs or monster needed.

Also a great tip would be to try to join a party or ask/explain to someone that you have these quest and really need help and 7/10 people they will be happy to give you a fast hand.

The more quest you do the more you gain so along with having to kill the monsters which your gaining items and exp from anyway your also getting the bonus from cashing in the monsters/items you have been requested to kill for them, and will also help you learn your way around the map.

hunting | Source

1-35 Basic Exp Guide

this is just a quick guide to get you on the right track for levelling because until lvl 35 you cannot leave your main town

Ok we all have our own ways , but this is a good bit of advice if your not sure what to hunt or cannot get a party .. (below)


Worms 1-5

blood worms 5-10

bulcan 10-15

all kencoon 15-20

werewolf 20-30

after level 30 or even lower i would always suggest a party or find an archer as they are best for levelling with because they kill fast and have great range.. so if you can befriend one or maybe even be one as they are great exp..

when you finally reach lvl 35 you can use the wrap gate to go to better worlds depending on which nation you have chosen from Karus or Elmorad, but my advice would be to go to folk village(use wrap gate in Moradon) and stick around there until 40-45 as by this level you will be able to do the middle class quest a lot easier and be able to kill better level monsters for exp. .

picture of a werewolf from knight online
picture of a werewolf from knight online | Source

Decent Noah gain guide

This is just a quick few tips to get you making some decent money to start turning the in game market

Ok before anything you need to learn the in game market.. grab a pen and paper... run around the merchants stalls and look at what items you come across from hunting monster regularly (because it all depends on what you can kill and farm for your lvl) after seeing your items click the stall and hover over the item to see how much the person is selling it for , take notes of the prices and see what seems most worth while to you at the time to farm from.

ok this is what i do to make a few million quite fast without taking risk of dieing from trying to farm high level bosses or monsters.


the monster i always hunt is werewolf's located just at the top of folk village they drop +8s(maul,bow,2sword,staff) which sell for 1.5m-2-5m each and the monster only has 600 health points get a few of these and see a nice profit, it will not take you long(every 20-40 mins of farming) be patient as they also drop a lot of +7 items which sells for 750k-900k, they drop sapphires(600k) crystals(600k) opals (600k) which can turn into a nice profit when merchant in mordon.

also lycan, loup group, dire wolf, shadow seeker drop +8 items located in folk village( press M on the keyboard and refer to your in game map)


drop a mix of +1-+5 jewellery(300k), also a lot of high class scrolls(230k) they drop a nice rear dagger def shield (9mill-20mill)

the problem with apes is there will be a lot of archer partys there so find there locations on the map(by pressing M on the keyboard and refer to your in game map)


drop a lot of crystals(600k) sapphires(600k) opals(600k)

BEAST IN CZ (ronark land base)

drops blessed upgrade scrolls (2.5m)

(all the above monsters)i would stick with these if you have low items or are low leveld and also taking it you have not much noah,

by far the best monster from the list to farm would be the werewolf as they are very easy to kill and have a nice spawn rate, plus drop the items stated above


to look at the new achieve system you can access this from the menu in the bottom left corner of your in game screen, here they give you goals(for instance kill 100 werewolf) and when completed you can gain items and monsters stones, use the monster stones to teleport to a different world which gives you the chance of good item drops and exp, best to go with a party but if your going alone you must have half decent items and potions with you as the monster have high health points and some hit quite hard..

Monster/Bosses Item Drop Guide

After learning your market and understanding the prices of items this will become a great guide to show you what you need to hunt and what items the monsters actually drop..

If your looking for rare items do not expect to find them in 10 minutes it could take hours or even days.. don't get me wrong if your lucky then yes 10 minutes but depending on how rare the item is depends on how hard the monster is and the time to acquire what your looking for


Ancient- Armor Enchant Scroll

Antares (Boss)- Spell Of Fire Blast, Spell Of Thunder Blast, Spell Of Glacier Blast, Scorpion Side

Apostle- Salamander Staff

Ash Knight- +5 Full Plate Armor, +3 Weapons, High Upgrade Scrolls

Atilla (Boss)- Priest Pendant, EP, WP

Atross (Colony Zone)- National Points, Blessed Upgrade Scrolls

Bakira (Boss)- Fang Of Bakira

Baron- Spell Of Fire Blast, Spell Of Thunder Blast, Spell Of Glacier Blast

Bone Collector (Boss)- Skull Hammer

Burning Skeleton (Abyss)- +9 Accessories, Abyss Holy Water

Cardinal- Spell Of Fire Blast, Spell Of Thunder Blast, Spell Of Glacier Blast, Asga Fruit

Cave Leech- +5 Accessories, +6 Accessories

Centaur- Mirage Dagger, Shard, Chitin Armor, Full Plate Armor, Crimson Armor

Crimson Wing- Chitin Armor, Chitin Shell Armor, Full Plate Armor

Dark Mare- Iron Bow, Mirage Dagger, Raptor, Elixir Staff, Shell Armor, Mirage Sword, Duradondal, Shard, Iron Crossbow, Cleaver, Glave, Bardish, Salamander Staff, Tomahawk, Graham

Deruvish- Salamander Staff, Full Plate Armor, Bill, Accessories +8

Deruvish Founder (Boss)- Opal Ring, Agate Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring, Emerald Ring, Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Elf Ring, Crystal Ring, Platinum Ring

Doom Soldier- Shard

Dragon Knight- Full Plate Armor +5, Middle Class Weapons +3, Middle Upgrade Scrolls

Dragon Tooth (Boss)- Dragon Tooth Hammer

Dragon Tooth Skeleton- Full Plate Armor +5, Middle Class Weapons +3

Dragon Tooth Soldier- Full Plate Armor +5, Middle Class Weapons +3

Dread Mare- Chitin Armor, Chitin Shell Armor, Shard, Raptor, Iron Impact, Gold Bars, Silver Bars, +9
Accessories, Priest Impact, Graham, Bardish, Iron Crossbow, Glave, Cleaver

Falcon- Shell Armor, Complete Armor, Mirage Dagger, Chitin Armor

Fallen Angel- Mirage Dagger, Abyss Blessing, Shard, Shell Armor,

Flame Rock (Hell Abyss)- Abyss Fire

Ghost Warrior (Abyss)- +9 Accessories, Transformation Scroll

Gloomhound- Full Plate Armor, Abyss Holy Water

Stone Golem- Iron Bow, Cleaver, Large Breaker, Large Hacker, Elemental Staff, Salamander Staff, Chitin
Armor, Crimson Armor, Glave, Viper Staff, Weight Hammer

Harpy- Mirage Dagger, Full Plate Armor, Feather Of Harpy Queen, Blessed Upgrade Scrolls

Harpy Queen (Boss)- Feather Of Harpy Queen, Magician Earring, Warrior Earring, Priest Earring, Rogue Earring

Haunga- Spell Of Fire Blast, Spell Of Thunder Blast, Spell Of Glacier Blast, Bone Cleaver

Hop Goblin- +9 Accessories, Blessed Upgrade Scrolls

Hyde (Boss)- Sword Of The Dead

Isiloon (Boss)- Unique Items

Javana (Boss)- Javana Axe, Two-Handed Javana Axe

Kecoon Fighter- Kekuri Ring

Kekurikekukaka (Boss)- Kekuri Ring, Kekuri Belt

Lamia- Iron Crossbow, Kukry, Bardish, Elemental Staff, Full Plate Armor, Bill, Trident, Crescent, Destroyer

Lamiros- Iron Crossbow, Kukry, Bardish, Elemental Staff

Lesath (Boss)- Chitin Shield, Chitin Bow, Tail Of Lesath

Lobo (Boss)-Lobo Hammer, Lobo Staff, Lobo Pendant

Lupus (Boss)- Lupus Hammer, Lupus Staff, Lupus Pendant

Lycan- +8 Bow, +8 Wood Staff, +8 Maul, +8 Two-Handed Sword

Lycaon (Boss)- Lycoan Hammer, Lycaon Staff, Lycaon Pendant

Manticore (Abyss)- Abyss Lullaby

Meganthereon- +7 Accessories, Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, Full Plate Armor +3, Horn Crossbow

Orc Bandit Leader (Boss)- Holy Water Of Temple

Phantom (Abyss)- +9 Accessories

Raven- Shard, Feather Of Harpy Queen, Mirage Dagger, Blessed Upgrade Scrolls

Reaper- Magic Hammer

Samma (Boss)- Gigantic Axe, Two-Handed Gigantic Axe

Shadow- Magic Hammer, +8 Rare Weapons, +5-+7 Accessories

Shadow Seeker- +8 Bow, +8 Wood Staff, +8 Maul, +8 Two-Handed Sword

Shaula (Boss)- Scorpion Shield, Scorpion Bow, Tail Of Shaula, Chitin Bow

Silan- Middle Upgrade Scrolls

Skeleton Lord (Boss)- Bone Club

Snake Queen (Boss)- Amulet Of Curse, Amulet Of Strength, Amulet Of Dexterity, Amulet Of Intelligence, Amulet Of Magic Power, Amulet Of Health, Elemental Necklace, Crystal

Necklace, Iron Necklace, Amulet Of Goddess, Blue Dragon Necklace, Red Dragon Amulet, Black Dragon Necklace, Green Dragon Amulet, White Dragon Amulet

Talos (Boss)- Belt Of Life, Mana Belt, Fire Belt, Ice Belt, Lightning Belt, Crystal Belt, Iron Belt, Bronze Belt, Glass Belt, Belt Of Strength, Belt Of Dexterity, Belt Of
Intelligence, Elf Belt, Belt Of Curse, Skeleton Belt, Harpy Belt

Treant- Blessed Upgrade Scrolls, Weapon Enchant Scroll, Armor Enchant Scroll

Troll- Glave, Large Hacker, Full Plate Armor

Troll Beserker- Glave, Large Hacker, Shell Armor

Troll Captain- Glave, Large Hacker, Shell Armor, Chitin Armor, Full Plate Armor

Troll King (Boss)- Bronze Earring, Silver Earring, Gold Earring, Crystal Earring, Platinum Earring, Elf Earring, Secret Silver Earring, White Silver Earring, Agate Earring, Opal Earring

Troll Shaman- Glave, Large Hacker, Exceptional Shard, Exceptional Elixer Staff, Exceptional Totemic Spear, Exceptional Priest Impact, Exceptional Deep Scar, Exceptional Blade Axe, Shell Armor, Complete Armor

Troll Warrior- Glave, Large Hacker

Uruk Blade- Blade, Slayer

Uruk Tron- Blade, Slayer, Bill, Halberd, Viper Staff

Wraith (Hell Abyss)- Abyss Wing

How to access the selling merchant in game

Due to a large number of players being unsure of how to use the merchant ingame with the new system please read

if you have no idea why you cannot access the merchant/selling feature in then game then you will need to go the the knight on-line website, login and follow the steps for the merchant option, you will need a few nps(knight points) to summit the form, but don't worry you can do the free surveys to gain the np needed to final submit(found at i did about 2 of them and gained enough for process .. do the ones that suits you best.. .. .

Best game play possible

well look at it like this if you want to be able to play games like knight online you will need a decent laptop, how do you expect to exp monsters and player vs player when its lagging and jumping all the time, or worse does not even load.. so take a look below as you never know you may want a upgrade


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