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Konrad von Carstein vampire counts special character in warhammer 8th edition fantasy battle

Updated on March 5, 2012

In the game

Konrad is a hero level special character for vampire counts armies in 8th edition warhammer making a return from 7thedition. He comes with a fixed set of vampiric powers and a unique magic weapon. He also has the hatred and the hunger special rules as well as his own unique one one bat short of a belfry. There are no extra equipment or mounts available for Konrad, he is also the only vampire character you can take who is not a wizard.

Konrad comes equipped with heavy armour, the sword of Waldenhof and an additional hand weapon. Konrad is able to use both his magic weapon and the additional hand weapon as paired weapons effectively giving him an extra attack for a total of 5 (6 is he is currently frenzied). He also has the red fury vampiric power.

The one bat short of a belfry special rule sees Konrad slip between being frenzied and suffering from stupidity. It also allows him to become frenzied again should he have lost it due to losing a round of combat.

Differences from 7th edition

Stat wise Konrad is the same as in 7th edition except for the addition of an extra attack (as all vampires have got in 8th edition). He retains the red fury vampiric power but loses infinite hatred (now reserved only for Strigoi ghoul kings) this is replaced by the hatred special rule though this only gives him re rolls to hit in the first round of any combat. His points cost has also increased in 8th edition.

The sword of Waldenhof remains the same though his ability to use it alongside an additional hand weapon is clarified. Like all vampires Konrad now also benefits from the hunger special rule giving him the chance to regain a wound whenever he kills a model in combat.

Pros and cons

Pros are that Konrad is an excellent fighter for a hero level character at his points cost. The synergy between his vampiric powers, special rules and the magic weapon the sword of Waldenhof further enhance this. This combination gives him 6 strength 5 attacks (with re rolls to hit in the first round) that cause double, combined with red fury this becomes even better. Against units or characters with multiple wounds this grants an extra attack per wound caused potentially giving Konrad a further 12 attacks enough to put paid to the foe. He is also excellent on taking on enemy characters as he only has to get one attack through to kill most hero level characters, though beware of enemy characters with a higher initiative or the always strikes first special rule as they may easily kill him first.

Cons are although a whirlwind in melee combat Konrad is easy to kill in return. With only a toughness of 4, 2 wounds and a 5+ save from heavy armour even average troops can put him down with a little bit of luck. The one bat short of a belfry special rule can also hinder your use of him, suddenly turning stupid and losing an attack from frenzy. Konrad can also regain his frenzy which is good for the extra attack but bad as he might suddenly have to charge if he fails his leadership test.

Tactical uses

Konrad is a bit of a glass cannon able to deal out tremendous damage yet unable to soak it up in return. With the potential of being frenzied (or stupid) on his own leadership of 6 there is also a good chance he will fail his berserk charge test and run off into melee combat whether you want him to our not if left to his own devices or dawdle about having failed his stupidity test. Keeping him near your general and battle standard should help.

Konrad excels in challenges against most hero level opponents and will often be able to get the full overkill bonus, it is also safer for him then risking the return attacks from a unit which could easily see him dead. He is also excellent for dispatching small units where his sheer number of attacks combined with red fury will put paid to them.


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    • Arioch profile image

      Gordon D Easingwood 4 years ago from Wakefield, United Kingdom

      He certainly is though fun to use

    • profile image

      Vamp fan 4 years ago

      This guy is totally bonkers


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