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Kung Zhu Pets

Updated on April 16, 2011

Have you heard about Kung Zhu Pets? If your kids are big fans of the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters then they will love the newest line of Hamsters called Kung Zhu Pets. Cepia the makers of the Zhu Zhu's are hoping to appeal to the Boys and I think they may just end up doing so.

I honestly think they will be loved by both Boys and Girls and will bring a whole new Adventure to the much loved Zhu Zhu World.

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So what are Kung Zhu Pets?

Well the Kung Zhu Pets are just like the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, they are Battery Operated, Make Noise and Scoot and Scamper across the floor and within their Playsets.

The Kung Zhu Pet line is made up of Special Forces and Ninja Warriors and a large playset made just for them. In addition to the Battle Arena and many add on Playsets, these Pet Hamsters also have Body Armor you can get for them as well as some very cool Vehicles for them to drive and Battle in.

The noises they make are a bit different than your regular Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters and they are ready for action !!

Special Forces: Duke~Stone Wall~Seargent Serge~Rock-O

Ninja Warriors:Thorn~Yama~Drayko~Azer

Kung Zhu Pets Armor Available:

* Special Forces Armor Set Thunderstrike
* Special Forces Armor Set Night Raid
* Special Forces Armor Set Ambush
* Special Forces Armor Set Dune Tracker
* Ninja Warrior Armor Set Dark Jonin
* Ninja Warrior Armor Set Blizzard Genin
* Ninja Warrior Armor Set Shadow Jonin
* Ninja Warrior Armor Set Fire Chunin

Kung Zhu Pets Vehicles Available:

Let those Kung Zhu Pets drive around in their very own Vehicles - Just stick the Kung Zhu inside and they will power these for added fun for Battle time.

* Special Forces Vehicle Rhino Tank
* Special Forces Vehicle Buzzsaw
* Ninja Warrior Vehicle Spider Skull
* Ninja Warrior Vehicle Samurai Scorpion

Kung Zhu Pets in Action

Kung Zhu Pets Battle Arena & Playsets Available

* Battle Arena
* Combat Bridge Overpass
* Missile Attack Tower - Pet Trap
* Dragon Hammer - Pet Trap
* Y & U-Turn Special Forces - Ambush Alley
* Y & U-Turn Ninja Warriors - Dragon Alley
* Special Forces Headquarters
* Ninja Dojo Base
* Wheel of Fire
* Special Forces Training Ground Playset Alpha
* Special Forces Training Ground Playset Bravo
* Ninja Warrior Training Ground Playset Ninja
* Ninja Warrior Training Ground Playset Samurai
* Ninja Warrior Single Room Snake Pit
* Special Forces Single Room Mission Control

Looking for Kung Zhu Pet Birthday Party Ideas?

Kids love Kung Zhu Pets that they are now asking to have their Birthday Parties based on a Kung Zhu Pet Theme. No worries I put together Kung Zhu Birthday Party Ideas on my Party Blog to help take the headache out of it for you.

You will find everything from Kung Zhu Pet Party Supply Ideas, Games, Kung Zhu Birthday Cake, Cupcake and Cookie Ideas and more.

Stop by and get your Party Started:

Kung Zhu Pet Birthday Party Ideas

What do you think of the Kung Zhu Pets?

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