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Spotting Targets

Updated on August 1, 2016
KvK KE Marking system: 1 point per T3 kill, 4 points per T4 kill
KvK KE Marking system: 1 point per T3 kill, 4 points per T4 kill

Coords Room

When KvK KE's start for your kingdom, chances are good that your leading alliance will start a "spotters" chatroom. Anyone who doesn't want to participate in the ravaging of the outlander kingdom but would still like to be useful are encouraged to join this room.

Your mission is to find viable targets for the big players to rally or solo. Over the last month, MachineZone added a way for low-paying players to score more points in KvKs. It is called target painting or marking system. Players have to buy a $19.99 pack in order to begin marking targets, but if you mark it, and your alliance kills T3 and T4 on your marked target, you score tons of points. This encourages everyone to participate, no matter how small.

There is actually a correct way and a wrong way to do this, however.

First of all, check your kingdom event tab to find out the number of the kingdom we are fighting. Then type in the kingdom coords and 256:512 in your search coords box. For example, if we are fighting k787, you'd type 787:256:512.

256:512 is the wonder of every kingdom. So this will take you to the outlander wonder. Begin to scan the map. Do not send us coords of any outlanders in our own kingdom. Chances are good that we won't be scoring any good points on outlanders attacking your hive because 1-- they are online, and expect attacks/can core at will or run from us wasting our time and 2-- most outlanders who are zeroing us or in our kingdom are well aware of the limits of their account and are either traps (T2 does not score points for marking) that would screw us on points or won't take a rally. The others who don't fall into one of those categories are too low to care about or too big to rally.

Don't waste our time. The best targets are those in their hives asleep and not shielded.

We are looking for 8 bil power or below players who aren't shielded. These targets can be in attack or defense gear, their gear doesn't matter at this level.


If they are above that power, they need to be in bad gear. Which can be economy gear (anything lacking attack or defense stats such as research, training, monster, or crafting gear) or have lost their hero to someone in our kingdom. These targets can be of any power.

When you come across these types of accounts, look at their profile for alliance helps under the miscellaneous category. Bookmark that player, adding to the bookmark name: their alliance helps, or loyalty. Alliance helps moving up or loyalty moving up means they are online either hitting help or opening gifts, and baiting us to attack them so they can score points. Once bookmarked, move on to bookmark more viable targets.

If you come across targets wearing no gear, no alliance tags, or no VIP activated, or all of the above, skip this target. Chances are good that they are inactive and zeroed. It isn't always the case but 95% of the time its true. No hero gear means their hero has been executed and they haven't equipped their gear yet. However if its a billion power player, scouting never hurts. If anti-scout, report that as a viable target. If positive scout, report it as viable if there is troops.

Once you have a good amount of potential targets bookmarked. Go through your list and rename the bookmarks who have changed in helps or loyalty. Post the coords of these targets in the spotters room and attach the message "confirmed online and baiting" so that players know to avoid them.

When players are in two different kingdoms and you click coords like 256:512, the coords will only take you to the coords of the kingdom you're currently residing. So when posting coords in the spotters room, ALWAYS include the kingdom coords. No matter what kingdom you're in. Home kingdom or outlander kingdom, include those coords for players in both kingdoms. So 785:256:512 and 787:256:512. Every single coord posted needs these 3 sections.

When posting a checked and verified target, post the other info along with it. So the rally leaders can choose which target they rally first. For example..

"787:10:200 8 bil player in defense set with kunai. 17,898 helps for last 10 minutes" followed by "787:300:100. 55 bil player in research gear. 20,060 helps for last 20 minutes". Be sure to post the first, hit enter, then post the second, because you can't click on the box to follow the coords for two sets of coords, only the first one posted will appear as an option.

The information added is so that they can be put in triage. We will already know to organize a double rally for the one in research gear.

With the marking system, you only get points if your alliance kills T3 and T4. So be sure that when you post in the coords room that you allow your alliance the opportunity first to rally it. Every alliance should ensure they have someone online who can mark. If you have a good alliance, the rally leaders will allow the smaller players to do the marking, even on targets the rally leader himself found. This will encourage them to log in for KvK and help them grow when they reach that third prize bonus.


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