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Kyr the Weaponsmith - A Reputation Restored - Wandering Merchant Event Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on June 1, 2012
 Kyr the Weaponsmith
Kyr the Weaponsmith

This guide will cover the wandering merchant, Kyr the Weaponsmith and his associated event, A Reputation Restored in Diablo 3, providing information on how to locate the npc and complete the objectives. These characters are usually found randomly in locations outside of each act's towns and often have their own mini quests you must complete in order to access their wares and services.

Where to find Kyr the Weaponsmith

Kyr sometimes spawns in the Highlands Passage area, which is the stretch of land you travel right after leaving the Halls of Agony level 2 and before entering the Cursed Hold while heading to kill the Butcher in the second to last quest of Act I which is The Imprisoned Angel. If he spawns, he will literally be right outside the door, standing with the yellow exclamation mark which signifies the event he has to offer. It's best to start at either The Cursed Hold or Chamber of Suffering portions of the quest, or just go ahead to Return to New Tristram so you can use the Halls of Agony level 2 waypoint and make your trip as short as possible.

This is one of the wandering merchants you must find for the Market Research achievement.

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Fighting the Cultists in A Reputation RestoredAlmost at the end now.Taking on the elite Dark Beserkers.Finishing off Dargon, the Traitorous Cur.
Fighting the Cultists in A Reputation Restored
Fighting the Cultists in A Reputation Restored
Almost at the end now.
Almost at the end now.
Taking on the elite Dark Beserkers.
Taking on the elite Dark Beserkers.
Finishing off Dargon, the Traitorous Cur.
Finishing off Dargon, the Traitorous Cur.

A Reputation Restored

" Fools... Did they not think I know how to use the weapons I make? No one dishonors a deal with me and lives. I will make an example of Dargon, the traitorous cur. Help me hunt him, and I will sell to you instead of those zealots!"
- Kyr the Weaponsmith

1. Kill Dargon and the Deranged Cultist

Basically this event is asking you to clear the path to the Cursed Hold, which is what you were going to be doing anyways, except now you'll get a little bonus for doing so. The first stretch, all the way until the very end is mostly consisted of slaughtering your way through a series of Dark Cultists, Dark Summoners and the occasional Dark Berserker, whom should be focused on of course thanks to his high damage swings. Kyr will follow you and help you out along the way, though not by much like most npcs.

"Master, help me; the crazed weapon maker wants my head!"
- Dargon

"Fool, what makes you think I care for your life? Kill them, my pets."
- Deranged Cultist

Once you get to the end of the path of the Highlands Passage, you will face the unique Dargon, the Deranged Cultist and a trio of elite Dark Berserkers. The Deranged Cultist is a normal monster and the least of your worries as he falls quick. Dargon is the middle range threat, having a lot of life but thankfully still weak like most unique monsters, at least compared to the elites, which are your biggest threat by far.

The elites themselves spawn as those found in the wild, which means random difficulty appropriate affixes along with a lot of health and their already strong blows from their maces, however it also means nephalem valor stacks for level 60 heroes. Try to focus on downing the elites first, hopefully you've gotten a decent mix of affixes you can tackle, then worry about Dargon, who has a tendency to run away like a little pansy anyways.

2. Talk to Kyr the Weaponsmith

Grab the loot once the dust has settled and start another conversation with Kyr. You will receive your gold and experience event reward and now be able to access his wares and repair service. The repair is a convenient offer while you are on your way to the Butcher, while it's worth checking out the slew of weapons, and the occasional rare piece of armor he sells, for any hidden gems.

"Now that Dargon is dead, no one shall question my reputation or my resolve. Now, to my goods. You'll find none better!"
- Kyr the Weaponsmith


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