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RPG: New Monster - Kytharion

Updated on August 8, 2009

Why Do We Need New Monsters?

Let me start by saying that I absolutely love all of the stuff put out by the RPG companies and the people online who put tons of work into netbooks about role-playing games. I have no problem with any of this extremely useful information. There is one problem, however.

My players know all about them.

I've been the Storyteller for 17 years. Yes, that's right, 17 years - straight. My players are all older than I am and have been playing for 25 years or so. In that time they have seen absolutely every monster ever created too many times to count. Even when they start new characters who should be afraid of a band of orcs, they just aren't. The experienced player is not playing the inexperienced character very well. They try but it's very difficult to separate what a player knows from what a character knows. Does my player know that Red Dragons breathe fire - yes. Does his first level city-dwelling human cleric know that - maybe.

To get around this problem, I decided early on that I would, rather often, give my players new creatures to worry. At times, this is very easy - take a monster they know well and change it. An orc is well known and my players know how to handle a bunch of mangy orcs. What if you give them pasty white skin, completely black eyes and powerful psionics? You've made a whole new monster that your players don't know about. Sometimes it's making something completely new, like the kytharion outlined below.  It helps that I love to draw so I will always provide players (and you) with a picture of the monster.

What is provided below is an outline, not specific numbers. I want to leave the specifics generic enough that people using different systems can incorporate the new monsters without much difficulty. If specifics are needed, please put requests in the comments field below and I will try to add them in as requested. I hope you enjoy using the Kytharion!

Beware the surfacing Kytharion!
Beware the surfacing Kytharion!

General Notes:  The kytharion is a type of gigantic cross-bred worm as it has red skin and has the face of an evil elf.  The kytharion is a rather cruel creature, usually conjured by evil wizards, that is generally used to protect a certain area of land, usually around the wizards home.  They can be found in any climate.  They burrow underground and can travel very quickly through the earth until they surface and attempt to kill and eat whatever they find.  When a kytharion surfaces, it can come up around 100 feet out of the ground, displacing rock and dirt very easily.  Due to it's trememndous size, the kytharion can eat just about anything it considers meat, be it an adventurer or his mount.  Those who encounter the kytharion, generally don't live long enough to talk about the encounter.

Combat:  The kytharion uses a surprise attack by burrowing under the intended victims and coming up underneath them for a meal.  If the kytharion should miss, it can use both of it's taloned hands and it's fanged mouth to attack as well.  It does not use weapons or any kind of spell or spell-like abilities.  It will eat anything it considers meat.  The one glaring weakness of the kytharion is that magical spells work twice as well on them. 

Storyteller Notes:  The kytharion is intended to be used against experienced characters, not low-level characters who would have little to no chance of beating it.  It moves fast, it's nasty, it's incredibly strong and very difficult to kill.  It also is not very bright and doesn't understand the concept of retreating.  Should the adventurers kill it, they should find an enormous treasure trove inside it's belly (assuming they do that sort of thing!) as the kytharion can digest meat but not metal or anything even remotely magical in nature.


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    • dblyn profile image

      dblyn 6 years ago from Staten Island, NY

      I think I'll post more monsters - I've created about 200 of them since my players have all been playing for 20+ years and an orc simply doesn't scare them anymore...

    • La Pit Master profile image

      La Pit Master 6 years ago from On Your Tabletop

      Great imagination, and it is true that so many monsters are played out and too familiar. Surprise is important in tabletop. 17 years, that's a long time.

    • Cactrot profile image

      Cactrot 7 years ago

      The kytharion like a very interesting monster. An elf/worm hybrid is something that's sure to shock people a lot more than the usual scorpion or spider drow. I might end up playing with a few or something similar - thanks for the idea :)