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How to Interrogate in L.A. Noire

Updated on June 22, 2012

L.A. Noire, the period detective game from Rockstar, offers something truly unique in the current gaming market with its interrogation system. Unfortunately, the interrogation system is not explained in as much detail as would be ideal. This guide will help you make the right decisions during witness interviews and interrogations.

Truth, Doubt and Lie

When interrogating a suspect, or questioning a witness, you have three available options: Truth, Doubt and Lie.

Truth: This means that you believe the interviewee, and you don't believe they're hiding anything.

Doubt: This means you either don't believe the interviewee, or you think they're hiding something from you.

Lie: This is the same as Doubt, except that you have evidence that will prove that they're lying or holding back. Only select "Lie" if you know what piece of evidence to present. Otherwise, you're better off picking "Doubt."

Facial Reactions

Pay attention to what they say, but more importantly, pay attention to how they say it. Look for "tells" such as looking away from you, rapid blinking, or any kind of sudden tension in the face. You should also pay attention to how they speak. Try to notice any tension in their voice.

Basic Logic

Don't get too caught up in the facial recognition technology. Your best weapon against liars is basic logic. Are there obvious holes or flaws in their story? Does their story contradict itself? Do you have a piece of evidence that proves their lying? Make sure everything adds up before clicking "Truth."


In L.A. Noire, you gain Intuition points for completing tasks. You can use these Intuition points to eliminate one wrong answer during interrogation. For example, using an Intuition points may get rid of the "Doubt" answer, meaning they are either telling the truth, or you should accuse them of lying.


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