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L.A Noire:finally not another first person shooter

Updated on August 6, 2011
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As you may already know ,you don't have to be a hardcore gamer to realise that the most popular and best selling, which they keep churning out are first person shooters, particularly the COD series and Battlefields. I know that these games are what a large percentage of the gaming public like, and don't get me wrong so did I and still do sometimes, but I got fed up with the amount of them, and just generally games where you were killing things with guns! I felt I wanted a new taste of a different game that's a bit more original. Then I found L.A Noire and ever since buying that game ,my wish came true! In actual fact I will be back in a moment.... yes I just played it, and it is certainly is what I am looking for!

Rockstar, also the makers of the fantastic GTA and Red Dead Redemption, are the creators of L.A Noire, and lets say this game is different, in fact a whole lot different from any other games Rockstar has ever made. Even though there is reasonable amounts of car and gun chases, the focus is not on how many head shots you can get, it's the about how well you can read suspects faces, during investigations in order to solve the crimes.

You're playing the character of Cole Phelps as part of the L.A.P.D in, where your aim is to solve these crime cases. With a lot of these cases being quite lengthy to solve, with 21 cases over 3 discs I personally think you're getting your moneys worth, as I like to know that it's a game I will finish at some point and will not just be eventually left and never finished. The main parts involved in these cases are investigations, and where I think it shines is the expressions on the faces of the people.For Rockstar have used the latest technology to capture real actors faces, along with their expressions and movement of the mouth when in conversation, which is a first for gaming. What also adds some challenge to game is not all suspects are easy to tell wheather they are a) telling the truth b) you can doubt them, or c) you can say they are lying (but in doing this you have to know that their lying by backing it up with evidence that you have found.) By asking the more questions available and getting them right, you will rank up as a detective and earn more intuition points, which help you uncover clues when investigating a scene, if in need.

Cut scenes are common and make up another large part of this game, as through these cut scenes magnificent story telling and storyline is told. That is another factor that makes me love the game even more, as it's even told in a classic murder mystery 1947 Los Angeles film. Through most cases there are newspapers that you can pick up that tell you a chunk of a completely different storyline each time, that certainly get your attention. As usual there are plenty of hidden items to collect (hopefully without using walkthroughs or in other words CHEATING!) Every car should also be driven in order to get that achievement.

L.A. Noire isn't all about those main straight forward cases, this is still an open world game. You can still deviate from the case and explore Los Angeles, and tackle more action-orientated missions which are heard over the police car radio. Forty "unassigned cases" are in fact not random, but single-scene missions, where you'll stop a bank robbery, chase down a crazy gun lunatic or even shadow a crook to his hideout.

As I think you already know my feelings towards this game, I will conclude with this simple message if like the sound of the above and want a different game. Buy L.A Noire


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    • marstoblog profile image

      marstoblog 6 years ago from Hitchin, England

      Thanks jmartin1344! As I've said I totally agree fantastic game and I too didn't have much of life when playing this game as I'm not normally a 'hardcore' gamer!

    • jmartin1344 profile image

      jmartin1344 6 years ago from Royal Oak, Michigan

      Beat this game as soon as it came out, what a great game!! I sat there with coffee late into the night. It basically took over my life, and I am not usually like that (I like to get out of the house!). Definitely check this out everyone, great hub!

    • marstoblog profile image

      marstoblog 6 years ago from Hitchin, England

      good yer trust me I think it is! Sorry to say not yet, it'sonly on xbox 360 and ps3 at the moment. But the date confirmed is 29th December 2011 when it comes out on PC. A bit of wait , but worth it so keep it in mind!

    • nicred profile image

      nicred 6 years ago from Cape Town South Africa

      Wow this game looks freking awesome - do they have it out for pc ? Im seriously going to get it.

    • marstoblog profile image

      marstoblog 6 years ago from Hitchin, England

      Thank you very much! yer i've also been into halo since day 1 aswell which of course is excellent, as i've always loved the xbox but yer L.A Noire does and has me totally griped, which is a change from FPS.Agree amaxing game!

    • An Aberrant Taste profile image

      Kelcie Rae Dunn 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Great Hub! I believe the same, although I am a HUGE Halo nerd, I also like having the varieties--and L.A. Noire is an EXCELLENT choice to show that other than FPS's, there are awesome games out there. I have L.A. Noire, and once you start, you cannot stop. It's an amazing game.

    • Nerdistt profile image

      Nerdistt 6 years ago from Florida

      I loved L.A. Noire. But personally, it's not for everyone. For one, you have to have patience to play it.

    • marstoblog profile image

      marstoblog 6 years ago from Hitchin, England

      yes so was I but I wasn't dissapointed so I would say go ahead and get or rent it to see if you like it.

    • WayneDave profile image

      WayneDave 6 years ago from Leeds, England

      When I saw the trailor for this game it intrigued me, I'm still debating whether to get it or not...