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Updated on September 7, 2015
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Penelope is an accounting professional with several interests. She joined Hubpages to connect with others and share her interests.

An Amazing Game!


Laser tag is a fun and thrilling group sporting activity that can be enjoy by both small and large groups. This is an amazing game to play with family members, colleagues and friends, which is great as a productive team building event. This game can be played both outdoors and indoors; but players find it more exciting to play in dark spaces or rooms having various colored lights, fog and also a space or military themes. The arcade owners of this facility use podiums, boxes, and a number of raised places for the gamers to hide and surprise their opponents. All the effects are known to add more excitement to the game.

Laser tag multiplayer battle system is a game of precision and skill. In laser tag, the main goal is to hit your targets (i.e. strategically placed on your opponent’s body) with your laser infrared light. Usually, guns are commonly shoot at someone’s vest. When the shooter shot in certain places, the shooter will certainly gain points. Laser tag multiplayer battle system by Hasbro is a unique experience filled with fun, strategy, and suspense. Certain skills are acquired upon the continuous playing of the game.

This game generally consists scoring points by tagging opponents using the laser beams. These beams are emitted by hand-held infrared devices. The players likewise need to wear jackets having the infrared target readers, which keep scoring regarding the number of times someone has been tagged. And the winner is the person that has been tagged least, although, amounts of lives, rate of fire and other such parameters are also used for differing game play and declaring the winner.

Based on the technology and the applications of the Laser tag multiplayer battle systems, the game play and mechanics could vary widely. The quality of the game likewise depends on the embedded software, hardware and on the communication systems that are utilized between players. Typical versions of the game include, matches between teams or individuals. There are various versions to the game, such as "protect the president" or "Capture the flag" where the players are given different objectives while preventing their opponents from getting there first. These variations enhance the difficulties and also the excitement of this game and one will gets to see the spirit of their friends and family.

Each gun could be on one of four possible teams and is simply determined by the gun color selection. Also, there’s fire mood button, which enable single shot or three round burst mode. A special target permits for unique game types, like capture the flag and more.

Laser tag multiplayer battle system by Hasbro are produced with lots of unconventional features, which is appeal not only to the small youngsters, but likewise take the interest of teens and senior. The Lazer tag can be an ideal device, which can be used to secure a boring afternoon or probably in a few nights when you get some getaway.


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