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LB HD Photo Realism Minecraft Texture Pack (256 x 256)

Updated on March 18, 2012

I have reviewed the LB Photo Realism Pack before in my article Top Ten Minecraft Texture Packs, but have decided to give it its own article, because it is one of my favourite texture packs and is one of the most downloaded Minecraft texture packs on the web, with over 500,000 downloads. This texture pack is designed to make the game look as realistic as possible, and gives every single block a much more real look instead of the regular, slightly cartoon graphics. In my opinion, the texture pack makes the blocks look so realistic that the actual block shapes of the items in the world looks out of place in the game, as you’d expect everything to be rounded as it would be in real life.

This texture pack won’t work with all mods though, which is unfortunate. However, it does support Wildgrass, which is a mod that allows for tall grass that has nothing but aesthetic value to grow on grass blocks, Wildcave, which is similar to Wildgrass and allows stalagmites and stalactites to appear in caves, and the New Biomes mod. However, the texture packs that support these mods are separate downloads, and therefore are not included in one single package. You can find the download links to the mod supported versions below:

1. Wildgrass

2. Wildcave

3. New Biomes

My favorite part of this texture pack would have to be the way water looks compared to how it looked before. While the movement is still somewhat unrealistic, it is amazing to look at, and building a house right next to the water has never offered a better view.

My one complaint about this texture pack would be the massive amount of processing power that it requires. While it does work on my computer, it is a 256 x 256 texture pack, making it the largest texture pack that I have ever used for Minecraft, and probably one of the largest texture packs available. This means that if you have an older computer, or one that is crowded by other applications and files, then you may experience intense lag while playing with this texture pack. While there is a less graphics intensive version in development, it won’t offer the same amount of visual eye candy that the full version has. My advice would be to download the texture pack and play a new world, just to see what the frame rate is like on your computer. If it’s too low, you can simply uninstall the texture pack and continue with the default settings. However, the texture pack is regularly updated, so you may changes that make the texture pack run better on slower computers in the future.

Download LB Photo Realism


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