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LEGO 2010 Sets - Buy LEGO Sets - Best LEGO Sets 2010

Updated on March 14, 2011

LEGO has been around for years, decades even. It's remained one of the most popular toys and is now considered one of the greatest toys ever invented.

LEGO is so popular because it's so easy to play with. For the mind, it's gold. The brain loves the ability to invent, to create, to build; and with LEGO all that is possible with the tips of your fingers. It's an amazing process.

LEGO sets have long followed the tradition of being based off pop culture and fantasy lands: star wars has long been one of the most popular of LEGO sets. The same is true for 2010. All 2010 LEGO sets, at least the best LEGO sets, are based off popular places or fiction.

Harry Potter LEGO sets 2010, LEGO spiderman sets, and LEGO batman sets 2010 are just a few examples of this year in LEGO.


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LEGO has inspired millions of people.
LEGO has inspired millions of people. | Source

Best LEGO Sets 2010

The hardest thing for LEGO is for it to stay original. So many different and original sets have come out over the years, that it's hard, year after year, for new LEGO sets to awe and inspire. And that's what the best LEGO sets have to do: awe and inspire. They have to make you want to build it - want you to invest hours of your time into the role of builder.

Luckily 2010 didn't fail to bring a few really good LEGO sets.

They are:

  • Star Wars LEGO Sets
  • Power Miners LEGO Sets
  • LEGO Batman Sets
  • LEGO Spider-man Sets
  • Harry Potter LEGO Sets

Star Wars LEGO Sets 2010

Star wars LEGO sets have become one of the most popular kind of LEGO sets in recent years.  This is because many of the Star Wars LEGO sets are big massive projects, but good stand work.  Many Star Wars set include the building of a certain fighter jet, or, the classic, the Death Star. 

Star War LEGO Sets 2010 saw more of the same thing.  The most notable new Star War sets released this year are the Hoth Wampa Cave, Clone Turbo Tank, Plo Koon's Starfighter, and Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle. 

Star Wars LEGO sets continue be original and are great investment for any and all LEGO fans. 


LEGO Power Miners 2010 Sets

Power Miners is one the newest LEGO sets, as well as one of the most innovative. The theme is one that is based below hte LEGO world where a team of 'Power Minders' are investigating the cause of earthquakes. Here they discover rock monsters, hidden cities, and many other cool places. As far as best LEGO sets go, this is in the top 10.

Unfortunatley there have been no new LEGO power miners sets in 2010 and there isn't expected to be anything released until 2011. This isn't to say you can't enjoy the 2009 LEGO sets.


Harry Potter LEGO Sets 2010

Like Star Wars, Harry Potter is very popular type of LEGO set. This is because, like Star Wars, it's a fantasy world that is always changing and expanding; this makes for some pretty complex LEGO sets that even the most advanced builders may find challenging.

2010 has seen the release of some pretty unique Harry Potter LEGO sets; some that I would even consider some of the best LEGO sets. The theme was discontinued in 2004 and has just recently been put back into production. Therefore many of the 2010 Harry Potter LEGO sets are similar to what was released in 2001, but with more details and better quality LEGO.

Released this year was a new set of the Weasley's Burrow (burning and all), a smaller version of Hogwarts Castle, Hagrids Hut, as well as the Hogwarts Express.


LEGO Batman and Spider-man Sets 2010

Batman and Spider-man are both popular in the LEGO world.  With the release of big production movies, as well as video-games, the LEGO sets of the two have seen a resurgence.

The Batman line was discontinued in 2007 but the company has recently stated to keep your eyes peeled for future Batman sets (like when the new movie comes out)

Spider-man, unfortunately, has no future LEGO plans (nothing in 2010); however many of the old spider-man sets are still being sold (and they are some of the Best LEGO sets as well as cheap LEGO sets).



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