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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough: Flower Box Locations

Updated on April 8, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Flowers? Surely ace police officer Chase McCain has better things to do than watering boxes of flowers. Yet that's one of the myriad of tasks available in LEGO City Undercover, and with your farmer's overalls on you need to find all of the flower boxes spread about the city. Each one will net you a Gold Brick, and getting all of them will result in a nice prize. This article will lead you to the lot of them.

Cherry Tree Hills

There's a row of houses lining the hill down to Cherry Tree Hills' border with Auburn. Check the backyards of the houses on the left for a flower box.


Have a look at the first row of factories and warehouses nearest the water in Auburn. At the rear of one of the warehouses near Auburn Bay Bridge is a flower box.

Fort Meadows

Check out the farm. The flower box is behind the pigpens.

Bluebell National Park

Drive up the road towards Barry's Dojo. There's a camp site on the left side of the street, and near that a small cottage sitting on its own. The flower box is sitting on its porch.

Festival Square

Across from the park is a long line of buildings that stretch from one end of Festival Square to the other. The flower box is in an alleyway along here.

Check the stone walls on the edge of Festival Square and Crescent Park. There's a flower box here.


During the main story you had to chase a disguised Natalia from Chan's Limo Service and across the adjacent buildings. Retrace this route and you'll find the flower box atop one of the buildings.

Bright Lights Plaza

Unless you like to look around a lot, this is probably the first box of flowers you'll find. They're sitting on the roof of Ellie's apartment in the north of Bright Lights Plaza. Use the Helipad for a quick route back up.

Crescent Park

There's a teahouse halfway through the park. Climb on top of it and you can drop onto the back walkway to get at a flower box.

LEGO City Airport

Near the Airport's border with Uptown is a small restaurant by the water. You can use a teleporter to get to the upper floors of the restaurant to find the flower box.

On the Airport's roof is a three-way intersection. To the left of this intersection is a Drill Thrill challenge on a raised platform. Check the side of this platform for the flower box.


Along the rear wall of Fresco there's a small alleyway, and at the mouth of this alleyway (not on the Silver Statue side) is an ATM. Climb the building across from this ATM to the roof. The flower box is up here.

Paradise Sands

While on the way along the rooftops of the hotels to listen in on Vinnie's meeting with Rex Fury you'll find a flower box near a stack of boulders.

Have a look behind the Honey Hotel. Near the special assignment spot is a flower box.

Kings Court

To the side of Blackwell Tower, across from City Hall, is a small stretch of buildings that ends with an art gallery. At the side of the red-bricked building in this line is a pole you can climb. The flower box is up here.


Have a look around the underground tunnel that leads into Kings Court. The flower box is in this area.

Albatross Prison

Get into the rear of the prison via a teleporter down on the beach. Not far from the (always locked) gate into the front yard is the flower box.

Apollo Island

At the front of the Space Centre is a small room, the place where you got your Astronaut outfit. The island's flower box is in this room.

Lady Liberty Island

As with everything else on Lady Liberty Island, the flower box is pretty easy to find. Have a look around the base of the statue for the box.

Complete your rural duties and you'll receive a nice bonus for beautifying the city: the Squirrel McTavish collectible. How appropriate.


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