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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough: Pagoda Collectibles

Updated on April 8, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Any time you're dealing with Chan, you're dealing with Pagoda. There's no way to avoid this LEGO version of China Town - nor should you, as there's much to see and do here. This article will return to Pagoda after you have every outfit locked down.


This section will cover everything within reach of the roads twisting through Pagoda, starting from the water's edge route running out of Festival Square.

  • Hop out of your car immediately after entering Pagoda and run to your left. Go down the stairs that lead under the boardwalk near the Pig Cannon to find a question block.
  • Across the next bridge you'll see a stone monument to your left. Hop on top of it to find a Jet Pack spot. Use it to get to a Scan Point on another monument down the street. It will ID a gang in the building across the street. Follow them to the waypoint and beat them up in the nearby park for a Gold Brick.
  • At the base of the monument on the side of the road is a Call-in Point Super Build. Construct it for the Indulga collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Inside the garage of Chan's Limo Service is a Yellow Color Swapper. Climb to the roof to find a teleporter that will zip you inside the building, where you'll find a Super Brick. You can complete the Free Run here for the Disguised Natalia collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Down the street from the Limo Service and on the other side of the road is a Metro Station. Bash up the box at the bottom to establish a Train Station and earn a Gold Brick.
  • Up the street from Chan's Scrap Yard is a row of stores. Inside one is a Red Color Swapper, and down a set of stairs beside the store is a Super Brick.
  • Beside the Scrap Yard is a Disguise Booth. Assemble it for the Hei Chen collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Further up the street and up against the entrance to a building is a red pot. Climb the plant that emerges to find a catapult. It will fling you to a Super Brick.

Border Buildings

This section will cover the row of buildings on the Festival Square and Pagoda border.

  • There are four paper lanterns hanging from the corners of the building with the smiley faces in the windows. They need to be coloured red. Make them all fit in for the Chao Hui collectible.
  • You can break into the building labelled Hank's for a Vehicle Robbery challenge Complete it for the Chan's Drakonas collectible and a Gold Brick.
  • Beside Hank's is a Stunt Ramp Super Build. Construct it for the Lagney collectible and a Gold Brick.

Central Buildings

This section covers the row of buildings across the street from Chan's Limo Service.

  • Climb up on the building opposite Chan's Scrap Yard, where you originally went to find an Audio Scan Point. Before ziplining to the other side of the street, jump and jet to the awning above the entrance to the shop to your left. Up here is a Super Brick. Continue up here to where you scanned and you'll find a shack you can bust open for the Clutch collectible.
  • On the balcony up here is a bonsai tree you can assemble for one of three and a space crate that will beam in an alien. Nab it for a Gold Brick.
  • Drop down under the balcony to find the intersection of the four buildings. You can break into a door here to find a Super Brick. Also in here is a BBQ fire worth a Gold Brick.
  • A big part of the Free Run starting at Chan's Limo Service takes place on these buildings. After ziplining over to the first building, check the left side of the lower roof to find the Quentin Spencer collectible. Climb one level and check the catwalk to your right for a teleporter that leads to a cat you can lure down for a Gold Brick, a fuse box you can mess with to start a Drill Thrill challenge for another Gold Brick, and a Scan Point that will lead to a Vehicle Robbery. Stop the guy for the Tigerella collectible and a Gold Brick. Get back onto the roof, check the right side of the building with the teleporter for a coffee break point that will earn you a Gold Brick, and head to the next building over's roof. Under the right edge of the building's summit is a Super Brick on a catwalk, and on the top are flowers to water for a Gold Brick. Bash up the crate on the left side of the roof to find the second bonsai tree to assemble.
  • The building beside the Pharmacy has several Color Swappers beyond a locked door.
  • Atop one of these buildings is a Crash Mat. Drop down onto it with a helicopter to find a Jet Pack point. Use it to reach a catapult that will launch you to a Super Brick. Cross the rope on this next roof to one last rooftop where you'll find a Red Brick and a Districts Conquered flag worth a Gold Brick.

Northern Parks

This section covers the two parks on the border between Pagoda and Bright Lights Plaza.

  • Beside Chan's Limo Service is the large pagoda where you scoped out troublemakers earlier in the game. There are three lights on poles surrounding the pagoda that need to be painted yellow. Get them all for the Feng collectible. Check the corner of the wall surrounding this central area, by the pagoda, for a boulder you can destroy for a Gold Brick.
  • Beside the pagoda is a raised platform over water. The third bonsai tree is here, and constructing it will make the News Reader collectible appear. There's also the Arches of Tranquility Super Build on both sides of the platform, and constructing both will get you two Gold Bricks. You can climb on top of them for the Fu collectible and the Li collectible.
  • Check near the edge of the bay, opposite the central park with the Arches, for a Silver Statue behind a tree. Destroy it for a Gold Brick. Drop onto the ledge beside the stairs to find two Super Bricks under rocks.
  • In a small enclosure further down the water's edge is a Super Brick. Atop a stone monument nearby is another Super Brick. At the base of this second monument are crates of fireworks. Bash them up to find the pieces for a Bob-Omb. Carry the Bob-Omb to the small cage down the path and by the street to blow your way to the Chan Chuang collectible.
  • In the middle of this small roadside park is a pile of rocks. Bash it up to find a gong mallet. Use it on the bell here to count towards one of three. The other two are in the opposite park, one of which requires scanning and the other a Gold Color Gun. Hitting all three will get you the Shui Xue collectible. One of them will also knock down a pig which you can ride to a Pig Cannon and get a Gold Brick.
  • On the opposite side of Pagoda's north end is a circular maze which you'll have to blow your way into (or jet over the entrance). There are five Super Bricks in the middle of the maze and a catapult that will launch you back out.
  • Set against the side of this park is a series of stores. You can get onto the roof of the store with the red awnings via a drill point and make your way to the right. Over the Song store is the Miles Rebar collectible. Continue along the row and you'll find an ATM outside a bank; mash it for a Gold Brick. At the end of this row is a drill point you can open up to get at a catapult that will launch you to the opposite side of the street. Check the roof of this building for two Super Bricks and a pig. The pig will get you a Gold Brick.
  • You can climb the red brick store on the end of this line of stores, back on the other side of the street, to find a Super Brick on the roof. Also up here is a Scan Point that's technically for Bright Lights Plaza, so we'll save that for another article.
  • There are three stone pools to fill around Pagoda. One is near the Pagoda-Bright Lights Plaza border, by the Silver Statue; one is by the Arches of Tranquility, on a raised stone ledge; the last is across the street from the Arches, on a stretch of grass by the street. Fill all three to get the Oliver Duffy collectible.


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