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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Fifteen: The Rescue

Updated on March 22, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Uh oh. Not one second after Chase finished 'liberating' a Moon Buggy from the Space Center, he learns that Forrest Blackwell, billionaire, is being held hostage! You gotta save him, Chase, before it's too late!

Blast over to the waypoint in Downtown. The waypoint, annoyingly, is atop a building. You need a Blue Color Gun to scale the wall and get to it. Run across the street and you'll find a building fraught with Color Swappers; assemble the Teleporter out front and use it to get inside.

(Before climbing up, check to the right of the starting point. Atop the entrance to the next building over is a Super Block you can easily grab with your Grapple Gun.)

This sequence is largely one of straightforward action. Make your way across the flagpoles and rooftops to the building on the left. You'll find a space crate and get attacked by some thugs. Take out the thugs, solve the crates puzzles, and shoot the wall that appears so you can climb up. Jump onto the building to your right and climb onto the catwalk.

There will be thugs as you make your way along here, but you can easily fling them right off the side of the building. Use the wall jump at the end of the catwalk to get to the opposite pipe. Be careful to jump completely straight here! You want to aim for the horizontal bit of pipe at the bottom, not the vertical shaft. If you miss you'll fall to the street and have to start over again.

Hop up the poles on the next roof, climb across the tightrope, and drop onto the catwalks on the right side of the building. Erect a trampoline from the pieces you find and use it to jump up to the blue and white blocks above to access the next building over. If you're feeling gutsy, you can try to jump to the Super Block on the lower pathway here, though it's easier to climb the handholds to the top of the next path and drop down on to it. (Either way you'll have to start the whole sequence over, which is a pain.)

Keep following the catwalks and jumping from building until you see two poles, one leading up, the other down. The one going down leads to a Super Block that you can get without risk. The one going up leads to a zipline, and, ultimately, a catapult that will take you to the captured Blackwell. Rough up his captors and you'll end the kidnapping…

… and, what do you know, enjoy a quiet drive back to the police station. Blackwell drops some ominous hints, but everything's fine otherwise. (Though he's a bit impatient on the way there.) The route to rescue him will then be opened for Free Run.

Once you get Blackwell to safety, Natalia will call. She's managed to get herself stuck in Chan's Scrapyard and she needs help. It's just one rescue after another today…

Blast over to Chan's Scrapyard in Pagoda. (Preferably not in Blackwell's car. It kinda stinks.) Police hotshots Studski and Clutch will show up and give Chase a brand-spankin'-new disguise… of a sorts… and a new special assignment, Scrapyard Scrap, will begin. Save your lady, Chase!


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