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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Five: Trouble in Stir

Updated on March 26, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase McCain has successfully infiltrated Albatross Prison, one of the most poorly-guarded correctional institutions on the planet. Now he must track down Blue, the man with the scoop on Rex Fury. Let's get to work!

Two things to do before you progress with the story:

  • You can work out on the exercise equipment. Doing so successfully will earn you a bunch of studs for each machine.
  • Check the left wall and you'll find a security lock that will open the front gate of the Prison. You'll also find a Super Block in here.

Sounds good. Go near the basketball court and you'll learn that some mean ol' bullies have stolen the basketball from two of the prisoners. They'll only let you in if you can get it back. Check the small fenced-in area to the right of the prisoners and you'll find an air conditioner which you can pull off of the wall and reassemble into a catapult. Use the catapult to fly into a nearby yard, where said bullies have the ball. Beat them up (punch them around then use A to cuff and defeat them) and return the ball to the jilted prisoners.

Inside, along with two basketball minigames, you'll find Blue. He'll provide some cryptic info and tell you to check out Rex's cell, which means getting inside the prison complex. Leave the court and approach the building with the waypoint to get inside.

Along with your original objective of finding Rex's cell, you'll also be tasked with Trouble in Stir, a special assignment that has you tracking down six troublemakers who are mucking up the Prison. Fairly straightforward - they're all on the bottom floor. Make your way to the left, beating up and cuffing the prisoners one-by-one.

Once they're trashed, the warden will open up Blue's cell for you. Check inside to receive the Chase McCain (Robber) outfit. Blue will then phone in (via pastry, of course) to tell you to use the outfit to break into a small office. Sounds good. Use the outfit's crowbar to break into the indicated cell a short ways to the left, then bust up the container in the cell and reassemble it to create a wall you can climb. Crowbar open another cell up here and bust through the left wall inside to get at a Red Brick.

Swap back to your Police outfit and check the Scan spot near the elevator. It will lead you to a cupboard nearby containing a key. Use the key on the cell right beside you to get inside and bust through the wall to the adjoining cell. Hop out, make your way along the bridge to the right, and crowbar through the next door to enter the warden's office. Crack the safe with the stethoscope symbol to get a key card.

Take the key card to the far left of this floor and use it on the room. Use the switch inside to deactivate the laser beams in the next room over. Climb up another floor, beat up the two inmates who got loose, and check the second cell for a pile of bricks you can beat up. They count towards… something. (You'll see soon.) Make your way right, crowbarring through another door and bashing through some walls, until you find a door. Bash the pile of bricks beside it and reform them into a switch that will open the door.

This is the warden's office. He's just gone to the bathroom, and he needs to stay in there. Ride the bucking bronco here for some studs and a Police Shield Piece, and bash the furniture on the right side of the room to find a Scan point that will lead you to the Prisoner collectible. That done, yank the chandelier off of the ceiling with your Grapple Gun and reassemble it into a gate to keep the warden trapped. This will reveal a safe. Crack it open to get a record and use the record on the record player to complete the movie reference.

This will reveal a small pile of blocks. Assemble them into a switch, which will open the way to an elevator. Hop in and you'll be shunted to Rex's cell. Beat up the two guys who rush you in here and have a look around.

  • You can use Rex's workout equipment. His weight set will give you a Police Shield Piece, and the boxing equipment will reveal a button. Press it.
  • You can bash the furniture on the right side of the room. Reassemble it into a drum set and play the drums to get one of two of something.
  • Pull the front off of the hot tub with your Grapple Gun to find another button.
  • Trash the toilet to make it spurt water. Get on the waterspout and it will take you to a series of upper ledges. Move across the ceiling here to the other side and trash the furniture up here to find a Scan spot. Follow it to a cupboard and open it up; inside is a jumble of blocks. Assemble them to make the last button.

All three activated buttons will open a path behind a painting. Slide through to end the level and receive your next destination: Bluebell Mine. (Though Dunby isn't too happy about McCain going there. What else is new?) You'll receive a Gold Brick for your efforts, and you'll be able to replay the Prison whenever you like. Come back later when you have more abilities.


As always, you can come back to this special assignment once you've beaten the game and use your new abilities to find items that were inaccessible before. This part of the article assumes that you've got every disguise, including the Rex Fury alternate outfit as your Robber template.

  • There are five fires to put out in the jail house, all on the bottom floor. Extinguish them all to earn a Police Shield Piece.
  • You can break into a cell on the right side of the second floor with an axe. Inside is a small bundle of junk you can bash up for one of four. There are three more: one on the third floor (accesible via a cell on the fourth floor), another on the third floor, and the fourth on, well, the fourth floor. Bash them all for a Police Shield Piece.
  • You can tinker with the fuse box on the third floor to open the elevator shaft. Climb the chain inside to reach the fourth floor.
  • On the far right end of the fourth floor, past the kitchen, you'll find a Scan Point under some furniture. Follow it to an oven to get dynamite. Use the dynamite on the door nearby to get the Blue Whittaker collectible.
  • Bash through the door to the left of Rex's cell to find a work room. Beat up the thugs and check the left side of the room for a box you can bash open and reassemble into an RC car. Steer the car under the fencing to the north to depress a button and open up the door. Grab the valve inside and use it to open the doors of the furnace. Put out the fires to get at the Rino collectible.
  • Bash up the furniture along the top-right wall, by the valve pipe. Inside a safe here is dynamite. Use it on the sink along the right wall to reveal a water spout up to the Segway collectible.

Snagging all of the Police Badge Pieces and getting enough studs (easily done will all of your extra equipment) will earn you two more Gold Bricks.


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