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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Nine: Crabby Cove

Updated on March 20, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase has just managed to complete his kung fu training when Frank, ever problematic, calls in with a rather unconcerned plea for help. He's been kidnapped. After some bumbling detective work he reveals that he's at Crabby Cove, not too far from the Dojo. Get on it, Chase!

The jump from Barry's Dojo to Crabby Cove isn't that bad, and is fairly straightforward. You'll see the truck that was hijacked sitting down on the beach, along with the mission you need to undertake. Hop right in to get it started…. though before you do you might as well have a quick look around Crabby Cove first.

  • On the road overlooking Crabby Cove is a Super Build sight for a Call-In Station. Set it up to get the Torsion collectible and a Gold Brick. You can use this Call-In Station to get a car appropriate for busting through the warning signs ahead and jump to the castle to your right (or you can blast straight through and collect a bunch of items on the ramp nearby). You can't get at most of the stuff here just yet, but you can go around the rear of the castle, assemble a trampoline, and reach a Super Block.
  • Have a walk down the shoreline and to a second section of beach. Go far enough and you'll find a Super Block nestled amid the rocks and cliffs.
  • Check the darker bluffs that overlook the police truck and the pier. You'll find another Super Block under several stones.
  • Up these darker bluffs you'll find a small stretch of forest. Climb the most prominent tree here to find a zipline leading to a Super Brick. (Note that there's also a jump near here where you can take a car through a tunnel under Barry's Dojo. There's nothing of use through here, really, but it's fun.)

All done? Then take on the mission and save poor Frank.

The first part of this mission involves beating up some baddies, namely the guys who hijacked the hi-tech new police truck. The second fight has more thugs than the first, though they're still largely identical. Use the advanced techniques you learned from Barry in the Dojo to flatten the competition. Hurling enemies at one another is an easy way to plow through the crowds. Don't forget to cuff as soon as enemies or down or you'll be facing the same guys over and over (plus you'll ring up a nice stud multiplier over time).

Take out the two waves and you'll have to race the truck back to the police station for the grand unveiling it's about to miss. You have five minutes to get there or you'll fail the mission. The mysterious Chan Chuang's cronies will be dogging your truck the whole way. Your truck will take damage with too many impacts, but your best bet for survival is still to bash anything that comes near you to pieces. Stick close to guardrails and ram the bad guys into the sides for the best results. Your path back to the city is nicely laid out and the truck handles well, so you shouldn't have any trouble getting back with plenty of time to spare.

Frank winds up driving the truck the rest of the way, and his antics eventually result in Chase getting a new job: infiltrating Chan Chuang's gang. Sounds like fun.


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