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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Seven: When the Going Gets Tough...

Updated on March 20, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

In a horrible twist of fate, Chase has taken on Rex Fury himself - and gotten utterly trounced for his efforts. He needs to train before he takes on that hulk of a man again, and he can do just that at the local dojo. Training time!

With the Miner outfit you'll have a great deal more options for exploring the world, which we'll look at in other articles. Before you leave the vicinity of Bluebell Mine, though, have a look to the grassy fields across from the train station. There are two shiny block piles you can blow up here. The one in the middle of the grass has a Red Brick under it that will upgrade your Data Scan when bought. The one on the cliffs to the side of the mine leads to no less than four Super Blocks. You'll also find a Silver Statue atop the train tunnel which you can destroy for a Gold Brick. Woo!

The Dojo isn't far from Bluebell Mine. Follow the waypoint to the road and you'll find three Super Build points, one of which is for a Bridge to the Dojo. Build it with 30,000 bricks (you probably got most of what you need looking around the outside of the Mine) and head across. You'll earn a Gold Brick for completing the Super Build.

The other two Super Builds are for a Call-In Point and, atop a building roof where you'll also find a Super Block, a Stunt Ramp. Look across the street, in the woods, and you'll see a house; you can find one Super Block on a tree stump nearby, another on the roof (bust up the rocks at the rear of the house to make a trampoline up to it) and a third inside the house itself, which you'll have to crowbar open. These three will give you more than enough bricks to complete the Super Builds, giving you the structures, two Gold Bricks, the Duke Huckleberry collectible and the Vigilant collectible.

As you cross the bridge you'll find the Karate Guy collectible floating in the air. Snag it and head onto the grounds, but don't enter the Dojo itself just yet. Check to the right side of the bridge to find a Super Block atop a rock garden formation, then go down the road to the left. There are several things to see down here.

  • First you'll find a small tower with a gong. Hit it and you'll begin a little side quest where you have to hit three gongs. Get all of them and the Samurai Warrior collectible will appear atop a small tower on the right side of the path.
  • There's a wall sculpture on the right side of the street with a grapple point. Tug on it to earn a ton of studs.
  • There's a cliff jump at the end of the road that leads to a tunnel. If you jump in the water and swim towards the waterfalls you'll see blocks you can use to climb up the cliff wall on the left side, netting you two Super Blocks on the way up.

Make your way back to the stairs leading to the Dojo. If you check the right side you'll find a grassy embankment with a zip line that will lead you to an adjacent cliff, netting you a Super Block along the way. (You can also find a hidden path back here leading to an area at the rear of the Dojo with stuff you can't yet use. Save it for later.) Grab the block or ignore it as you see fit and enter the Dojo.


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