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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Twenty-Seven: Breaking and Reentering

Updated on April 5, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

That fiend! Forrest Blackwell is the mastermind behind all the thefts in LEGO City (what a surprise), and he's captured Natalia! Teamed up with the freshly-rescued Professor Kowalski, Chase must (again) save her from the clutches of evil! In a UFO, no less!

Once you're away from the Secret Base, steer the UFO towards the helipad landing for Blackwell's Mansion. It's a fair distance away, but with the UFO you'll have no trouble navigating through the mountains of LEGO City. Follow the red rings for the most expeditious route and hop off at the waypoint. Follow the trail of studs under the bridge to find the path forward (as well as a Super Brick along the way). The Jet Pack is your best friend here.

Beat off the Sentinels at the top of the path and run down the stairs to the right to find two Super Bricks. Rush over to the waypoint to kick off your next special assignment, Breaking and Reentering. Welcome back to Blackwell's Mansion.

Beat up the guards watching the front door, then have a peek around the grounds.

  • There's a torch near where you came in. Extinguish it for one of six.
  • Near the entrance is a manhole. Pry it open to get the Dullahan collectible.
  • Out where you fought the guards is a drill point. Get through it to find hidden dynamite. Use this dynamite to blue up the silver statue by the entrance, revealing a keyhole.
  • Water the seeds by the front entrance for one of three.
  • Check the flower garden for a rock with a flower on top. Bust it up for one of three.
  • You'll find a playground in the side yard. You can play on the rides for studs.
  • There's another rock and flower combo along the far right wall.
  • There's another set of flowers to water back here, as well.
  • There's also another torch!

Crack through the back door. If you break up the chair on the right side of the hall you'll get the Cloud collectible. Open the safe down the left side to find the key for the keyhole. You can now open it up and head inside. Grab the box from inside and use it on the green patch to the left of the doors to create an RC car with dynamite in the back. Use it to blast through the garage door.

Inside you'll find a fuse box. Shut off the power and you'll be able to reach the second level, previously electrified. There are guards up here; take them out before having a gander at the poolside. (The pool's the easiest way to take them out, in fact.)

Bash up the furniture on the left side of the patio. Under one chair you'll find a Scan Point. Follow it to a hidden wheel. Use the wheel on the plug on the right side of the pool to empty the water. There's a Red Color Swapper at the bottom of the pool that you can use to deactivate the electrical box up and to your left. Climb the wall to the third floor of the Mansion's exterior. Don't forget to hit the third torch on the left side of the pool before climbing!

Water the last plant to your left to get a Police Shield Piece and head right. Beat up the thugs, then water the three red pots here to create platforms. Activate the space crate to your right before ascending to get a Red Brick, and spritz the torch. (It's easier to do the latter from atop the third flower platform.)

Take out two more thugs and check around this final plateau.

  • The last two torches are on the wall. Get rid of them to earn a Police Shield Piece.
  • The last flower-rock combo is on the top of the building. Busting it will earn you a Police Shield Piece.
  • Take the zipline from the left side of the roof to an adjacent building to find a teleporter. Beyond is a small contained rock garden. Take out the castle in here to get the Sentinel Decker collectible.

All done. Bust through the rocks up here to get at a fuse box that will open a door on a lower level. Pry open the door and head inside. You'll immediately be attacked - but you'll have access to Blackwell's library. Now, where's that evidence?

Before you go search, water the red pot near the entrance. You can use it to get to an upper ring of walkways. Along this ring you'll see a bullseye. Shoot it with one of your weapons and a picture of Blackwell on the right wall will shift. Shoot two more of these - one behind the books on the wall, the other above the picture - and you'll get a Police Badge Piece. Easiest sliding puzzle ever.

Look a short ways north of the entrance. You'll find a Scan Point on the floor. Follow it to a set of books you can't destroy and you'll find a switch. Look for a chair on the other side of room you can bash to find another Scan Point to another set of books, which will also reveal a switch. Hitting both will open a nearby compartment and bring out some Sentinels to play. Beat 'em up and check the safe that appeared for dynamite. Use the dynamite on the right-most statue to reveal a model… and Blackwell's ultimate plan. You'll get a Gold Brick and be off to catch the villain!


There's only one extra thing to get in this special assignment that you couldn't get on your first trip. Near the top of the mansion's exterior you'll find the Forrest Blackwell Casual collectible inside a crate you need to bust open with your Rex Fury outfit. Get that along with enough studs and all four Police Shield Pieces for two more Gold Bricks.


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