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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Twenty-Six: Disruptive Behavior

Updated on April 5, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Chase has managed to infiltrate Rex Fury's gang, and he's even stolen a Crane for the rascally bunch. They plan on using it to pull off a heist at the Paradise Sands Observatory. Better get on it, Chase, and hopefully catch that criminal not-so-mastermind for good!

The winding path up to the Observatory is just down the street from the Construction Yard. Drive up (avoiding the temptation to use the awesome jump near your destination) and you'll see the waypoint, and the Crane, waiting. Use your drill to break up the pieces of rock to your right to let the thug in the truck through.

Security guards will show up; beat them up and steal the key the last one drops to get into the Observatory. Fix the fuse box atop the entrance to reveal the telescope, then hop in the Crane and use it to steal the telescope and put it on the back of the truck. Now you have to guide the truck through the city while cops are in pursuit.

This part is quite tricky. Your truck is incredibly slow, and it takes damage very easily. Contrary to other chases, you should try to wildly steer police cars into guardrails to get rid of them. Keep your truck straight and follow the green studs as best you can. If there is a police car beside you, slowly edge it into a guard rail without actually bashing into it. Your truck can't take a whole lot of damage. Once you reach Bluebell National Park, stay calm and drive on the wrong side of the road. Don't try to rush past other cars or you'll risk getting slammed and destroyed.

At the end of the line you'll be ushered into a secret base in a railroad tunnel and get ushered into a new Special Assignment. At long last you've discovered the hideout of Rex Fury, and learned that Rex has his own boss. Now Chase just has to track him down and catch him.

You'll begin this assignment in plain view of thugs. Beat 'em up and have a look around the first floor of the Secret Base.

  • Check the bottom-right corner for a basketball net. Get three baskets for a Police Shield Piece.
  • Pry open the locker next to the net for some studs.
  • Bash open the crate in the middle of the floor to find a wind machine that will carry you to more studs.

Deactivate the fuse box on the right wall to shut down the twin tesla coils electrifying the crate. Inside the crate is a box of bricks you can use on the green patch beside the door to build a control panel that will open the door to the glass-walled office. Use the computer in here to open up a hangar… as well as a massive drop to more secret base far below.

Bash up the satellite dish at the end of the helipad to make a diving board and jump off. Enjoy the massive jumping sequence - it's easy, just move around a lot and slow down with B to better manoeuvre - and beat up the baddies at the bottom. Check the crates for items, then use the space crate by the submarine to teleport in dynamite. Use it on the shiny block south of the crane. Use the pieces on the crane and Chase will rip it to pieces.

Set the engine in motion and it will blow through the far door. It will also summon some guns with jet packs. Beat them up as per normal and rush over to the fires to put them out. Keep going to descend into a new room. Beat up the thugs in this next area and have a look around.

  • There's a locker on the elevator which you can pry open for one of five.
  • Bust into the room in the north to find a second locker and a crate you can convert into a ladder. Climb it, run out onto the catwalk in the next room, and bash through the boarded door. Inside are flowers you can punch for one of five and a Green Color Swapper. Use it on the green light in the previous room to get at a Jet Pack. Woo! Use this in your Astronaut outfit to fly short distances at to use Jet Pack spots, one of which is just outside the room.
  • Return to the bottom floor and jetpack over the door in the south. You can now pry this door open from the other side. You'll also find more flowers at the bottom of the stairs, and to the right another locker.
  • Make your way back up and use the Jet Pack spot to reach a small clearing. Activate the switch up here to send the mine car into the laser barrier. Reassemble the pieces into a dynamite vending machine, grab some, and fly over to the right. Two platforms over you'll face some more goons. Use the dynamite on the shiny crate here to set a catastrophe in motion.

Crank open the locker that was behind the crate and assemble the debris here to create a teleporter. It will zip you down to a room with another flower and a switch. Grab the switch and use the Jet Pack point to fly to the right, to the deactivated elevator. Use the switch to get rid of the elevator and keep flying to the right. When you get to the other side, drop down onto the small ledge rather than climbing up to get to the Submarine Captain collectible.

Get onto the platform and confront the thugs who show up. Bash open the locker at the end to complete the set and earn a Police Shield Piece, and take out the crate beside it to find the fourth flower. Fly to the platform above and use the teleporter to zip to another platform. Break open the door here to get at the final flower, earning you another Police Shield Piece, and a fuse box that will open a latch. Go up the ladder.

Take out the thugs above and hit the switch on the north wall. This will activate the crane inside the glass, ultimately bringing down a bridge between the two sides of this enormous room. Use the Jet Pack spot that appears to reach the room in the middle of the bridge, then use the space crate to teleport in some dynamite. Blow through it and you'll become privy to the real madman behind everything in LEGO City… as if it wasn't already fairly obvious…

Take out the thugs once you're let into the room and look around.

  • In the top-left corner there's a structure for you to demolish. Take it out and reassemble it into a tesla coil that will power the central device… whatever it is. Drill through the floor near here to get the Rex's Brute collectible, as well.
  • In the bottom-right corner there's a crate you can bash up to find a box of parts. Use them on the green square in the top-right corner to assemble another tesla coil. It will power the central… platform, it appears to be…? And reveal something quite odd…
  • In the bottom-right corner there's a door you can pry open to get to a fuse box. This will activate a fan up to a higher level, where you'll find a teleporter.

The teleporter will zip you to the top platform where Professor Kowalski is being held hostage. Beat up the thugs and use the control panel to free the professor. Now all you have to do is hop in the, uh, UFO that popped out of the ground. Oh dear. Well, at least you get a Gold Brick out of it if you get LEGO City Hero?


Return to the Secret Base after you have all of the game's outfits and you can claim the remainder of the collectibles found within. Huzzah!

There are three crates in the Secret Base that you need to destroy using the Rex Fury outfit. One is in the storage bay where you start, while the other two are at the bottom of the massive drop, by the sub. Bust all three for a Police Shield Piece. You'll also find a fuse box behind one of the crates that will unlock the Henrik Kowalski collectible.

After crashing the sub engine through the door you'll find another Rex Fury crate in the next room, beside the laser enclosure with the Red Brick. Get it out of the way to find a space crate that will beam in controls for the lasers that will shut them down.

There's one last crate in the final room of this stage, shortly after you blow through the door. Bust it up to find the Jupiter collectible.


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