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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Twenty-Three: Smash 'n' Grab

Updated on April 5, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Vinnie Pappalardo is upset. Rex Fury is demanding too much for too little, and the ice cream magnate is sick of getting pushed around. He wants to pull off his own crimes for a change - and that means infiltrating no less than Forrest Blackwell's Mansion. Sounds… risky… especially since Chase is beholden to help…

Make your way to Paradise Sands and you'll find the Fireboat you helped boost floating just off the beach. (You'll also find a Super Build spot on the way.) Swim out to the waypoint to start your next special assignment, Smash 'n' Grab, which will have you infiltrating Forrest Blackwell's Mansion.

You'll start out on an underground pier. Start by bashing the small sign with the life preserver on it to your left; this is one of three similar signs that you can bash around this area for a Police Badge Piece. They're sitting out in the open so they're not hard to find. Run to the left, bash up the box you find, reassemble it into hand holds, and hop over the fence. Break open the locked here to get one of four, then chop through the boards blocking the next door up. Bash through another locker on the other side for two of four, and destroy the small object beside it for one of three. Hop across the posts to the next platform.

Security guards are waiting. Beat them up and use the extinguisher on the fires to get at a water hose. Turn the valve to shut off the waterfall. Grapple to the point that was revealed and use it to swing to the other side. Bash through the door here, pull the switch to open a hatch to the right, and assemble the pieces that come out. Use the resulting air vent to blow up to a ledge you can shimmy across.

Drop down onto the guards on the next platform, take 'em out, and bash through the crate to find a space crate. Solve the puzzle to get pieces for cogs. Pull the switch once the cogs are in place to get at the valve in the next room, then hit the switch again to open up the pipe where you can place the valve. Turning it will raise a bridge out of the water.

There's another locker to pry open on the other side, another structure to destroy, and some guards to beat up. Bash up the flower to get a red pot that will make a vine wall you can climb. Scale it to the top and bust through the door to your right to get into the electrified room. Use the Red Color Swapper in here and shoot the green light to shut off the electricity. Grab the crate and carry it out to the green patch beside the elevator, where you can assemble a switch for the elevator.

(Before using said elevator, scale the vines again and check to the left. At the end of a thin walkway you'll find a boarded door containing a teleporter. Use it to zip into another room containing the Buzzer collectible and the last locker. Bust it open to get a Police Shield Piece.)

The elevator will take you up into Blackwell's Mansion. There are a number of things to do here.

  • Bust up the TV and all the furniture by it in the top-right corner of the room to get pieces for a Red Color Swapper.
  • Bust open the door beneath the portraits on the right side of the room. Inside is a vault containing the Scout collectible.
  • Bust open the door to the balcony. Use the punching bag to get another Police Shield Piece.
  • Put out the fire in the fireplace to get at some more studs.
  • Destroy the box beside the piano to get some pieces you can assemble into keys for the instrument. Play the piano to get a third Police Shield Piece.
  • Destroy the desk in the bottom-right of the room to get pieces for a box. Carry the box to the green square by the laser grid to assemble a control panel you can use to shut down the lasers.
  • Scale the ladder beside the fireplace to get up to the painting of Blackwell. Use your Grapple Gun to pull the picture off of the wall and reveal a Scan Point. Follow it to a small cabinet. Inside are the pieces to a second control panel for the lasers.
  • Use the two control panels after you're done busting up the room to reveal two green lights. Shoot one with your Red Color Gun to bring some guards into the room, beat 'em up, and shoot the second light. This will open up the vault. Dip inside and, despite a few hairy moments, you'll get out scot-free with another Gold Brick under your belt.

Despite their ineptitude, the Sentinels are now on your tail. You have to steer a motorcycle through LEGO City to a waypoint in Downtown. It's easiest to get through this chase by staying off the roads and on the sidewalks to your right. This will force the Sentinels to try to swoop through traffic, which will generally trip them up and save you from a crash. At the end of the chase you'll have to take on two waves of Sentinels, but because there are so many your throws will knock them down en masse with ease.

We're not done yet. Moe calls in, and he's worried about his cousin Vinnie. (Badum-chssh.) He wants Chase to go check in on the head of the Pappalardos post-haste. Get on it, Chase!


Didn't get enough on your first visit to Forrest Blackwell's Mansion? You can find more if you return here with all of the game's outfits and abilities.

  • There's a fuse box early in your underground adventure, near a fire. Use it to get access to a switch that will reveal the Moe De Luca collectible.
  • Before you ascend into the Mansion you'll find a red pot beside the elevator. Use it to get on top and head left along the flagpoles. At the end is a fuse box blocking the way to a Red Brick.
  • Behind a Rex Fury pull point in the upper mansion is a fuse box. Mess it up for the Forrest Blackwell Suit collectible.


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