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LEGO City Undercover walkthrough, Part Twenty-Two: The Proof of the Pudding is in the Meeting

Updated on March 24, 2013
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.
LEGO City Undercover copyright LEGO Group. All images used for educational purposes only.

Natalia is safe, and Chase may or may not have a date in his future. Who knows. Trouble's afoot, though, as Chase completely forgot about the meeting between Vinnie and his buyer! He's gotta get on that right away!

Assuming you picked up right after the save at the Hospital, you're on the roof of Ellie's apartment. Have a quick look around this pad before you leave.

  • Water the flowers up here to get one towards your Flowers Watered count. One down, twenty to go. You'll also get a Gold Brick for your trouble.
  • Crowbar through the door on the upper level. You'll find the Luke Cashmore collectible.
  • Enter the lower level. Loop around the corner to find a Red Brick. You can also use an elevator here to reach street level…

… but, why? You're on a Helipad, and you need practice! Call up another Swooper and wing around the island to Pappalardo's. Watch out for dead ends in the buildings, as trying to back up in the helicopter can prove rather painful. Hop off at the Crash Pad near Pappalardo's and check out front.

Moe's waiting. He says that Vinnie is meeting his buyer at Paradise Sands, and Moe worries that Vinnie might be getting in over his head. He wants Chase to check it out. Thank the guy and hitch a ride through the tunnel. Your stop is the first building on the left, the Honey Hotel. Chase needs to find a way onto the roof.

Check the left side of the hotel for a ladder you can climb. Make your way up until you find the hotel's mascot. Break in the door on your right and bust up the contents of the room to get pieces for a Green Color Swapper. Shoot the light on the bee mascot to make it ascend, wait for it to come back down, and hop on its back. Jump off at the next balcony.

The gym is up here, and one of the fitness instructors won't let you in until you prove your prowess. Use the gym equipment on the balcony to get him to move and grab dynamite from the vending machine within. Use it on the shining door back on the balcony to find an elevator, and at the top…

… Frank? And his horse? Right, this is his parents' hotel. He'll reveal that a helicopter just landed at the Herbert Hotel down the street. Use the Chicken Glide spot to get onto the next roof over (as well as grab a Super Brick on the way) and water the flowers when you get to the balcony to reach the roof.

To get to the next roof you need to do something about the fountains up here.

  • Bash up the furniture here. Under one of the chairs you'll find a red cap you can use to stop the water flow from one of the water jets.
  • Under another chair you'll find a Scan Spot. Follow it to a cabinet with another red cap.
  • Bust open the office at the rear. Inside is a safe with the third red cap. You'll also find pieces for a jukebox that counts as one of three.

Put on all three red caps to start up the last stream of water. Use it to get to the roof. Jump to the opposite building and bust up the pile of bricks to assemble a ladder to the top. Grab the Super Brick up here and slide to the next roof.

This is, unfortunately, a familiar place for Chase. Beat up the thugs, pry open the door containing the Super Brick, and water the red pots at the other end of the roof. You can use the plants to reach a tightwire between this building and the next. Make your way slowly across.

Check the boarded door here for a Super Brick and destroy the containers for pieces to a Blue Color Swapper. Shoot at the shining wall to make it climeable and scale up to the zipline. Slide across to the opposite roof.

Bust open the enclosure here for a Super Brick, and check the furniture behind the enclosure for another Super Brick. Use them to assemble the Paradise Pool Super Build in the corner. This will also earn you the Talos collectible and a Gold Brick. Fill up the pool with your fire extinguisher (this is very fiddly, so keep moving your extinguisher around to get the job done) and the beach ball will roll out. Get on top and use it in the niche on the other side of the roof to get up to the catapult.

Almost there. Check the top-right corner of this next roof for another Flowers Watered spot and, subsequently, a Gold Brick, then bash up the rocks nearby, There's a teleporter underneath that will take you up to another hotel.

Grab the brown crate near the teleporter you get off of and bring it to the patch of green to assemble an RC vehicle. Weave it through the obstacle course ahead and direct it into the shelf at the end. It will blow up and leave the pieces for a Green Color Swapper behind. Use your Color Gun on the light on the previous roof to reveal a catapult that will launch you to the final hotel.

Make your way to the second balcony and break through the door to find a key in a safe. Use this key on a door on the first balcony to get to the roof of the Herbert Hotel. Hop onto the sign south of the Audio Scan Point to shimmy around to the opposite side of the roof and find a Red Brick, then head back and check out what's happening across the way. Huh, Chase was right after all.

Vinnie is furious after the meeting, and he decides to pull a caper of his own - this one against good ol' Forrest Blackwell. Chase doesn't have much choice but to help out if he wants to maintain his cover. Off to Blackwell's Sea Tunnel it is.


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