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LEGO Friends City Park Cafe 3061 - It Is One Great Game For All Young Children

Updated on March 23, 2012

LEGO Friends City Park café 3061 is great blocks set be LEGO. This is the place where you can serve hungry customers in the colorful open-air restaurant with great décor, fully loaded kitchen and delicious treats to eat. It is ideal for girls and recommended for ages of 6 and more.

LEGO Friends City Park Cafe 306
LEGO Friends City Park Cafe 306 | Source

LEGO Friends City Park café set is available with 222 pieces with 2 figures in it. The first figure in set is Marie, which is female with blond hairs and pink dress. Then Andria figure also female is there with darker skin and light turquoise skirt and cannot move due to joined legs. Then there is a café in LEGO game with blue base plates. The blue base plates are new feature to LEGO, which attracts new fans more. Then there are various signs and banners, which accessorize café environment.

This set can be divided into two major parts one is a front side of park, which contains sitting area along with flowers, banners and benches. Then there is café area, which is accessorized with all possible café equipment. You can find hundreds of small pieces inside the cafe like cup cakes, flowers, hamburger, cash register, drawer, brooms, frying pan, spatula, sink, forks and knives, juice machine, mustard ketchup, sitting area, baking trays, bowl, etc. Then there certain extra things available with set to play like plates, mixture, cupcake stands, bowls, salt and pepper, etc. You will find tons of accessories with this LEGO Friends City Park café set.

This LEGO friends set is the good value of money as it is available at cost of $29.97. It is perfect girl set with which girls and moms can play together and have great time. It can be collected rapidly and can be customized and decorated according to will.

This LEGO set is fully compatible with other LEGO bricks system. The weight of set is around 1.3 pounds and dimensions of 15 x 2.2 x 10.3 inches.

With Andrea and Marie, you can prepare tasty treats for your friends and this café is the perfect place where all Lego friends can sit and chat. This LEGO set provide healthy activity for young girls as they can learn how to socialize and how things work in professional environment of café. Building whole café system with LEGO bricks enhance concentration of your children, and they can learn to create new things, which will also enhance their mental capability. It is one great game for all young children.

LEGO Friends City Park Cafe 3061


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