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LEGO Christmas Best Board Games: Minotaurus 3841

Updated on October 29, 2013

This game is expected to be a bestseller in the toys category for Christmas. It is not hard to see why. How many games on sale is fun for the whole family to take turns playing with junior? You can play dogfight or toy soldiers with junior, but that is fun for the kid, probably not for you. With this game, you can join in on the fun as it is really a board game, not merely a construction game like most Legos. Well, it is actually more than a board game, as unlike a normal board game, you can rebuild the board (awesome!), reconstruct the dice with different tiles, and change the rules. How cool is that?

Which is why this should be on top of everyone's "What Is The Best Gift For Christmas?" list!

If you are wanting to get this game for Christmas, or your kid has been getting in your ear a bit about wanting this game, get it as soon as you can, as it is expected to fly off the shelves, hence in short supply, this Christmas, - so expect prices to increase nearer to Xmas.

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LEGO Minotaurus game board and diceLEGO Minotaurus 3841 BoxLEGO's buildable diceThe ferocious Minotaur going after a player!LEGO Minotaurus microfigs
LEGO Minotaurus game board and dice
LEGO Minotaurus game board and dice | Source
LEGO Minotaurus 3841 Box
LEGO Minotaurus 3841 Box | Source
LEGO's buildable dice
LEGO's buildable dice | Source
The ferocious Minotaur going after a player!
The ferocious Minotaur going after a player! | Source
LEGO Minotaurus microfigs
LEGO Minotaurus microfigs | Source

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Game Brief:

The mighty Minotaur, a ferocious creature from Greek mythology with the head of a bull and a body of a man, protects a secret temple, hidden deep inside a labyrinth. Your duty is to get all your heroes to the temple before your fellow gamers. To do this, you have to outwit your opponents who can kick your hero off the board with the Minotaur, or by placing walls and hedges to block you. Each player starts at a corner of the board with up to 3 microfigs. These micro figures are aptly named as they stand on one stud instead of the normal two for the usual Legoland minifig.

As soon as the board is built, with the Lego dice assembled, and after having read the simple rules of the game, players take turns rolling the dice to walk their heroes through the maze to get to the Minotaur's temple. Depending on what you rolled, you can move walls and place hedges to slow down your opponents. If you rolled a black tile, set the big and fearsome Minotaur loose after your opponent, and watch them tremble in fear as the Minotaur come closing in.

You (Or Junior) Make The Rules!

You can change the rules to make the game more difficult or easier. For example:
-For a shorter game, make the game ends when a hero lands on the temple instead of three.
-Change how many steps the Minotaur can take, decide if it can jump over a wall. Or make the person who got kicked out sing a song, etc.
-Make up some punishment so that everyone FEARS the Minotaur!
-Or make a rule that after every game, the winner or loser has to come up with a new rule for the game. That way you will never know what the next game will be like. :)
As you play the game more, you will come up with even better ways to change the rules and the board, and do remember that even the Lego dice can be altered and rebuilt with different tiles and rules. Let junior come up with the rules, and watch him float up to the clouds as grandpa lavish the superlatives on him when he comes up with new ways of rebuilding the game. This game is heaven sent for encouraging a child's creativity in the growing years.

Youtube: Lego Games Minotaurus commercial

Product Details

Product Info:

-LEGO No: 3841
-Theme: Games
-Year released: 2009
-Pieces: 211
-In The Box:
-1 buildable LEGO Dice
-12 microfigs
-1 rule booklet
-1 instructions bookle
-Board Size: 11.30 x 10.70 x 2.60 inches
-Game Playing Time: 20-30 mins
-Award Winner: National Parenting Seal of Approval
-Players: 2 to 4 players
-Age: 7+

Pros And Cons:

-All-in-one board game and Lego construction toy; how cool is that!
-Every member of the family can join in, it's more a board game than Legoland!
-You can build your own dice!
-Changeable nature of the game board and rules means that this game has great replayability.

-No single player mode for the board game. Not to worry, junior can always reconstruct the game or play it with his other Legos when he has no one around to play with.
-Contains tiny parts, not for children under 3.
-Bouncy rubbery dice!


Is this going to be the game of the year? It certainly is a game that can fire a child's imagination and sustain their interests as proven by positive comments by people who have bought the game. It's replayability, and hybrid nature makes it fun for the whole family.

If kiddie has been complaining that nobody plays Lego with him/her, this is a great game to get. If I had this game when I was a kid, I wouldn't have to play Legos all by myself. :D

Get this if you love Lego (-even if your age is many times over what's printed on the box!) and want to share the love for the bricks wth the rest of the family. :)

Get it as soon as you can, as it is expected to fly off the shelves, hence in short supply, this Christmas - so expect prices to increase nearer to Xmas.

For another LEGO board game, also check out theHarry Potter LEGO 3862 Hogwarts Board Game.


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