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LEGO Ninjago Kai ZX 9561 - Makes Absolutely Great Easter Gift For Your Son And Brother For 2012

Updated on March 23, 2012

Kai ZX 9561 is Ninjago spinner set, which is on the rampage in March 2012. It is great Lego set for boys who love Ninjago games. This Ninjago set bring Kai ZX 9561 which is a cool spinner. It contains 21 pieces.

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Ninjago Kai ZX 9561
Ninjago Kai ZX 9561 | Source

In LEGO Ninjago Kai ZX 9561 you will get four battle cards, which include Kai ZX, Frost Bite, Shock Drop, Cinder Storm and Gates of Fire, which are quite awesome cards. These cards are also character cards, which include 200 ices, 200 earths, 300 lightning and 400 fires.

Then you will also get most important character that is Kai ZX himself, and figure is made with all possible details with little light printing and design. The torso of the Kai ZX is also quite impressive. The torso contains ninja stars and golden pads around the neck with ninja mask. After removing ninja mask you can also see scarred face of Kai ZX with detail work and fire sign at the back of the torso. So figure of Kai ZX is quite impressive.

This LEGO Ninjago set also includes three red bricks, which can help to hold Kai’s character cards. Then most important part of Ninja games weapons, will also get weapons for Kai ZX with this set. These weapons include silver serpent striker in brown and black color. Second weapon is a simple ninja stack which in nin-jo. Last but certainly not least the third weapon is quite impressive, which is sword of fire which looks awesome. This beautiful golden sword is available with fire temple also for which you have to pay $120. However, with this set you can get this sword in a cost-effective way. Then a crown is also available with this set, is printed with fire all over. Last thing this LEGO Ninjago set offer is spinner with fire embalm on it. The Box of this set is printed with Kai’s character card known as Spinjitzu which shows the earth and fire as the elements of Kai.

This game is recommended for children of age 6 to 14. Boys will certainly appreciate this game for its theme and character. The two highlights of this set is the character of Kai, which is designed beautifully and second is golden sword of fire. The cost of this set is around $9.99, which is quite an attractive price. Ninjago Kai ZX makes absolutely great Easter gift for your son and brother.

LEGO Ninjago Kai ZX Spinner Review & GIVEAWAY 9561


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