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LEGO EWOK: Lego Star Wars Ewok Adventure

Updated on June 24, 2011

Lego: Ewok Appears

Lego Ewok appears in a LEGO’s Star Wars ewok adventur The Battle of Endor™ paly set; to mark the10th Anniversary of LEGO Star Wars, entering the market around May 2009. It’s the most recent in the numerous LEGO star wars sets and is, as I’m writing 25/11/09, placed in the top 25 selling products.

LEGO Ewoks in the Battle of Endor

It wouldn't surprise me if every residence in the U.K. had some kind if LEGO set as a present for a child; inspiring, creating and pushing their imagination.

The Battle of Endor is the only set you'll find the loveable pug faced Ewoks; aimed at 9 to 14 year olds, and dads of all ages, this 890 piece set with 12 LEGO star war mini figures including three Lego Ewoks and also two A4 size instruction manuals of 84 & 64 pages respectfully, should keep the kids, and dads of all ages, contented for hours on end.

A perfect addition to every Lego Star Wars fan’s collection. Fixing the whole thing together is just one part of the fun; then you get to use your imagination, portraying the battle for the Endor moon, with the fate off the Empire and the Rebel Alliance is in your hands.

The Mighty Ewoks and the Notorious Speeder Bike

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Lego:Star Wars EwoksEwoks Love Speed BikesThe Ewok Adventure Battle of EndorDefinitely
Lego:Star Wars Ewoks
Lego:Star Wars Ewoks
Ewoks Love Speed Bikes
Ewoks Love Speed Bikes
The Ewok Adventure Battle of Endor
The Ewok Adventure Battle of Endor

The Ewoks Join in the Fight

The meter tall ewoks build their homes high in the forest trees; where most people use space ships and speed bikes the ewokes use primitive gliders to pop to the shops; hey if it’s not broke why try and fix it.

Ruled over by the Ewok Chief 'Chirp' and the elders of each tribe who still have the old belief of honoring all types of different gods run into C-P3O and liken him to be a god carrying him back to there village where C-3PO after a little internal reprogramming talks to them ewokish, like English only a little more wokish.

The Ewoks love story telling, indeed that's how there history evolves, and C-3PO could go on for hours; The heading being 'Stop The Empire'. He explained how the empire had come to their moon to build the death star and what they would be able to do with it once it was fully fitted and ready for action. He persuaded the Ewoks to put in with them and get rid of the unwanted intruders.

R2D2C-3PO, It's one of their kids

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Well what do think one of the two best droids' "I'd like to thank me Mam and Dad and all the people who voted for me.On the moveModling ModeThree months on the atkinson diet.
Well what do think one of the two best droids' "I'd like to thank me Mam and Dad and all the people who voted for me.
Well what do think one of the two best droids' "I'd like to thank me Mam and Dad and all the people who voted for me.
On the move
On the move
Modling Mode
Modling Mode
Three months on the atkinson diet.
Three months on the atkinson diet.

Vote for the Best Droid?

My Milk Man, Ok, out fo these two then

See results

This LEGO Ewok Adventure Comes With

The 3 deceivingly fierce LEGO Ewoks, 2 Rebel Commandoes, a Death Star Trooper, 2 Scout Troopers, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Han Solo and Princess Leia .

The movers and shakers: the definitive Ewok Catapult, the enormous AT-ST Scout Walker, 2 Speeder Bikes which carried out the most breathtaking chase sequence in the movie, the Imperial Shield Bunker and the stylish Ewok Glider;

The set as a mid range price of just £73 from the LEGO Shop, which seems to be the lowest price around, and more than worth the money.

Now hardened collectors will be distraught when I suggest this; get hold of another Ewok catapult and Luke Skywalker, still below £100.


Battle for the Ewok Forest Moon of Endor

The battle on the moon of Endor depicts the last battle of the rebel alliance; the Imperial bunker has to be destroyed to remove the Death Stars defensive shield.

Featured: Is the Imperial Bunker, which expands at the rear making it even larger; it has collapsing walls, when hit by a rocket, and sliding blast doors to the front.

The AT-ST killing machine is a verygood reproduction of the movie original; high jacked by the Ewoks and Chewbacca to help save the day; this monster with infinitely more moving parts than it’s predecessor is one of the kids favourites.

The definitive 'Ewok Catapult' takes the number one spot, remember on the back croft when you used to play solders and the boy with the field gun that fired used match sticks, this is it the demolisher, who ever as this wins hands down; this thing fires rocks across a room; now you know why you have to get two. Hope you like this introduction to the Lego Star Wars Ewok.

The Ewoks will be listening

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      Nokia 5800 Applications 7 years ago

      Very nice hub... my 3 year daughter too loves the character very much..

      They are sooooo lovely ones...