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LOTRO: Some Help For Beginners

Updated on October 18, 2011

Lord Of The Rings Online Help

After watching many new players (and remembering me own experience) struggling through their early days in the game, I decided to write this in the hopes of making things a bit more easier for them, and the game more enjoyable.

When you first start the game, you will start in some small town, for instance if you choose to be a human, you will start in the town of Archet, and if you choose to be an elf, you will start in the town of Celondim. I think dwarves start in Thorins Hall and Hobbits somewhere in the Shire, possibly in Michel Delving. The first thing you will do is be lead through an introduction quest. Once you finish that quest you can go on to the game, which consists of doing Epic Quests (these follow alongside the main story of the ring and sometimes allow you to interact with members of the fellowship, such as Strider/Aragorn, Gandalf, Legolas, Frodo and such.), small quests, deed quests, and once you have reached level twenty, skirmishes.

One thing you will discover, and fairly quickly, is that you will get invitations to fellowships and kinships. If you are like me, when I first started, I did not know what the difference was, and thought a fellowship was the thing for me, but I wasn't going to join one til I had something to offer it. That isn't how it works. In truth, it is a kinship that more closely resembles the true fellowship in the Lord Of The Rings. While a fellowship is more of a convenience get together thing. A fellowship is joined to complete quests, fight enemies or skirmish, and once the goal has been accomplished, the fellowship is disbanded. A kinship is more permanent, and if you choose the right one, can be like a family to you, helping you learn the game and level up. My kinship specializes in helping new players in the game. Like me, if you can't find, or don't want to take the time to find, a kinship that has the traits you are looking for, you can create your own. You can do this by going to the Town Hall in Bree and speaking to the Notary. I would suggest making some friends first and getting at least eight who would be willing to join your kinship, because you will need that many to keep it from being disbanded. Once you start it, consider a good recruiting message that describes the best qualities of your kin, then type that message into the regional chat, but do this only once a day. Nobody likes a spammer.

And speaking of chat, I have noticed many new players don't understand, once they have joined a kinship, how to start talking in Kinship. There are two ways you can do this. One way is to type "/K". The other way is to click on the little speech bubble where you type your message, then choose kinship from the drop down menu. Do the same to talk in fellowship once you have joined one.

Some advice for joining a fellowship. I don't know if it is because they don't know how to talk in fellowship chat or because they just don't know how a fellowship works, but I have been asked to help on many occasions and so joined in a fellowship with a player, only to have that player never say a word and I end up running around doing no more than fighting off bad guys, never knowing what I am supposed to be doing. A fellowship is a team effort. When you start one, tell whoever joins you what the quest or goals are, and keep them informed as you progress. In most cases, you will be the only one who knows how many sickle flies you have killed and how many you still have to kill. We can't help you if we are running around blind.

When you reach level twenty and begin skirmishing, you will find that skirmishing is an excellent way to level up quickly, at least for awhile it is. After I finished my skirmish tutorial, I did my first skirmishes solo until I got the hang of how it worked. As my kinship grew, and I became friends with the players in it, I finally decided to go on a skirmish, one of the classic Great Barrow ones that must be done in a fellowship, with them. It was great fun, and even though I got lost several times in the caves, no one got after me for it. Even now I sometimes will get turned around in them, but for the most part I have finally learned my way around in them. And I have learned some tricks. When I go in I am sometimes the highest level player and as such leadership falls to me. I can't stress enough that if you don't wait for and follow the orders of the leader you will not only get yourself killed, you risk everyone else as well. I found that when working your way to the first boss room, it pays to search out every wight and arm crawler, even if they are out of your way or not on your quest list, and destroy them. If you don't, when you reach the first boss room and enter battle and if any of you die, and usually someone does, as they are trying to make their way back to the boss room, invariably they will run into one or more of the wights that did not get killed and end up getting killed because they won't be able to defeat them alone.

In the first boss room, if you stay on the stairs and lure the wights to you one at a time by someone with a bow shooting them then running back to the stairs, then all fighting them, that will leave just the caller. Shoot him last and bring him up the stairs and fight him there. Stay out of the gas if you can help it. Always try to have a healer in one of these fellowships and at least one high level tank such as a Guardian or Warden. Once you have defeated the caller, make sure everyone loots the chest before moving on to the second level. In a fellowship, during battle, never move forward after a battle until all members are healed and their morale and power are full. what hurts one member will hurt the entire fellowship. each member is stronger for the whole fellowship and if you lose one or more you are weaker. Protect each other. When you are planning on going into any type of skirmish, prepare. Take food and athelas and celebrant potions. I always park myself in front of Barliman Butterbur at the Prancing Pony or any vendor that sells or buys (if they buy and sell they repair), so that I can repair before going into each skirmish or instance and repair immediately coming out of it. If you don't repair your armour and weapons you will soon find yourself fighting without any.

So now you are headed down the tunnels and to the second and final boss room. Do as before and kill all wights and crawlers you can seek out. In the final boss room the battle is fairly straight forward. let the highest level player fight the bosses, they will only have to fight one at a time. the rest of the fellowship must fight the wights and crawlers (you will hear them called adds by many) and keep them off the tank who is fighting the bosses. if you have two tanks that are not high levels, they both can take the bosses.

For traveling, when you first start out you will be on foot, though I believe you get a whistle that provides you a temporary horse. I suggest that even before you get your first true horse, every town you go to, click on the Stable Master and discover the stables in that town. This will especially come in handy later in the game as you travel farther from your home town. Even once you have your own horse, stable horses travel faster than any player owned horse, and between towns of great distance there is swift travel where the horse you are riding teleports you to the town you are travelling to. You will also have milestones, but those have a cooldown period of one hour. To get your horse, as soon as you finish your introductory quest, start working on some deed quests, ( anyone that has a circle above their head has a quest for you), deed quests are usually things like killing so many wolves or hunting down so many brigands or finding lost cargo. Completing these deed quests will earn you TP or Turbine Points, to be used in the Lord Of The Rings Online Store. When you have earned 95 TP, you can purchase the riding skill. While you are doing the deeds, loot everything you kill and sell it to the nearest vendor unless you get something special you want to keep for yourself. When you have saved up 500 silvers, and you have the riding skill, you will be ready to get your own horse. I think you get a letter at some point from Hengstacers Ranch inviting you to come to the ranch. That will be your invitation to get your horse (you will not be able to get one before that as your level will not be high enough for one).

Good luck and enjoy the game. Remember the game is about having fun. If you end up in a kinship that has lost sight of this, I would suggest that kinship is not the right one for you. Find a kinship whose top priority is you, and you will go far in this game and enjoy it all the more.

Crisdinga Anbourne, Leader of "It Is Not This Day" Server; Vilya.


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