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Lalaloopsy Merchandise: T-shirts Backpacks Doll Carriers Lip Balm and DS Games Birthday Party! Buy Online and Save!

Updated on April 10, 2012


Lalaloopsy Dolls took us all by storm over the last couple of years. With their adorable outfits and buttons eyes, it was no wonder why our children fell in love with them. Well, Lalaloopsy has become more then just dolls!

Lalaloopsy has finally given our children the opportunity to wear those faces they love! There are numerous t-shirts to choose from, such as the "Sew Cute" t-shirt that features Pillow Featherbed, Peanut Big Top, Dot Starlight, and Spot Splatter Splash.

A Peanut Big Top shirt with Big Top herself standing in a hot air balloon with popcorn, stars and her best friend by her side.

Bea Spells-a-lot in her adorable dress outside the schoolhouse looking just as cute as she can be.

What little girl would not love to wear the Jewel Sparkles shirt that is filled with- well sparkles of course! A pink bow at the collar and her sweet little kitty by her side, she is a must have for any little girl.

Backpacks and Purses!

What better way to go back to school than with your favorite doll? Lalaloopsy backpacks are a great and fun way to carry all your childs needs, whether it be to school or to a sleep-over.

Shaped as the all too familiar button that we know as Lalaloopsy, this backpack is bright pink and comfortable with adjustable straps. Offers a double zipper closure and a handle at the top.

A purse for the young or old defines who you are. And if you all about fun, then Lalaloopsy purses are a no brainer! Made of canvas material and so soft faces, this is a must have for the oldest of fans!

Carry-All Tins

Alright, your child has the mini-dolls so it's only logical that they have the doll carrier! Perfect to carry craft items, accessories, jewelry, school lunches and what else?

Their dolls and pets of course!

These super-adorable Lalaloopsy Carry-All Tinboxs feature an adorable doll character in a colorful palette, keeping contents secure with a latch on the top. The handle is made of sweet color-coded beading.

Nintendo DS

Enter The 'Land of Lalaloopsy' in the wonderfully imaginative game offered on Nintendo DS. Interactive and problem solving is only part of the fun as the dolls share their lives with your child.

Lip Balm and Tatoos

This little cosmetic bag is 'sew cute!' The perfect addition to the collection of must have Lalaloopsy merchandise! Includes four flavored lip balms and tattoos of the girls and their pets.


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