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Infant Toy: Lamaze My First Fishbowl Review

Updated on April 19, 2009

I worked in a very nice daycare as an infant teacher. I would routinely get excited when our center director buys new toys for my babies to play with. On one particular occasion she brought in to our classroom the Lamaze My First Fish Bowl.

This five piece set includes the bright soft fabric "fish bowl" with clear plastic sides so babies can see the sea creatures contained inside. Creatures included are a starfish, clam, fish, and crab. As far as usability goes, these creatures rarely find themselves in the bowl unless it's put away. In fact the fish bowl almost never played with. The creatures on the other hand get plenty of attention.

Lamaze My First Fishbowl
Lamaze My First Fishbowl
  • The clam being the favorite because of its soft fabric and squeaking noises made when squeezed, being that all of my infants are under 10 months they aren't strong enough to get it to squeak and this feature can only be enjoyed if they are playing with someone who is able to do it for them.

  • The crab and fish are enjoyable for the older infants though. The fish has a rattling bell noise and the crab makes crinkling noises when squeezed.

  • The star fish has a very quiet rattle to it. All of the babies including the youngest 4 month olds can easily pick up and enjoy these small sea life. They are incredibly light weight and tiny enough to fit into their small hands.

These sea creatures are all made of bright colors and really have gotten our centers money worth. Besides sticking them in their mouths and chewing on them, the infants in my classroom loved lying on their backs and following them in the air while I tossed them up over and over. They also enjoyed when I throw them into their laps.

I thought this was an excellent toy for my infants. I didn't learn till later while flipping though a daycare supply order catalogue that they were $20+ to buy the set. Being the frugal person that I am I would never pay that much for this. I would however ask this as a gift if I had children of my own, along many other toys on the Lamaze line. The bright colors combined with the black and white patterns make Lamaze toys appealing to both child and parent/caregiver.

Care Instructions for Lamaze My First Fishbowl

The Lamaze My First Fishbowl is machine washable and can be tossed in with the regular nursery loads of wash towels and crib sheets.


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