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Laptops & Computer Gaming - A Brief Survey

Updated on September 8, 2013

Laptops are for Gaming - Not Just For Spreadsheets

Do a Google search for “the best gaming computers” and you will probably get, not surprisingly, thousands of results. I've just done precisely that and, from my viewpoint here in the UK, the exercise produced, almost entirely, Desktop PCs without a single laptop to be found anywhere.

That shocked me a little so I decided to try to find out why it was the case.Obviously, if I did the search for “the best gaming laptops” then the outcome is significantly different. This time, there were, over 56 million search results, as is usually the case with Google but I’m only able to consider the first half dozen or so.

The interesting thing to my mind, (I am a complete newcomer when it comes to playing games on a laptop), is that the de-facto standard for gaming computers would still seem to be the desktop pc and not , it would seem, the laptop. This, I’m told, is due to the desktop’s flexibility with regard to the fitting of upgrades such as graphics cards and other add-ons.

So why would anyone decide to buy a laptop for use as a gaming computer?. The answer was actually more involved than I thought at first - here’s what I discovered.

A Few Myths Dispelled.

“Laptops cost more than desktops”.
This certainlywas the case but, it seems, it is no longer that way. The reason that laptops used to be a considerably more expensive choice rather than a desktop was in to do with the price of the screen. The screens used in laptops were much more expensive than their desktop equivalents.

“The Battery Life is Too Short”
Again, for many years this was a valid argument but now, with considerable advances in Lithium Ion battery technology, battery life is greatly increased.

"The screens are not as clear and are lower resolution"
Once again, this used to be the case, but now, those times have passed, laptop screens are now just as good as those used with desktop models.

The Laptop Computer Finally Comes Of Age - So Lets Use Them to Play Computer Games With.

So, it appears, that Laptops have finally come of age. They’re down in price and up, considerably up, in the level of specification that they offer. All of which has finally brought them to the attention of that most demanding, discerning and fastidious group of computer users - computer gaming enthusiasts.

There’s a lot of difference between a laptop to use on your daily train ride, on which you can catch up on your emails and update your management reports, and finding one which will run the complex and power hungry software and highly detailed graphics of a computer game.

Now let us take a glance at a few high-specification laptops that could be recommended as excellent gaming platforms. The names that spring to mind include Origin, Alienware, Razer Blade and Digital Storm. Here then, is our list of the top five gaming laptops as of september 2013, in no particular order:

Alienware 14(Core i7, 16GB, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GTX765M), Processor: Intel 4th gen Core i7 4700MQ, guide price, $1,799.99

Toshiba Qosmio X75-A7298, Processor: Intel Core i7 i7-4700MQ / 2.4 GHz ( 3.4 GHz ) ( Quad-Core ), guide price, $1749

Razer Blade(14-inch, 2013), Processor: Intel 4th gen Core i7 Core i7-4702HQ / 2.2 GHz ( Quad-Core ), guide price $1999

Razer Edge Pro(Core i7/256GB), Processor: Intel 3rd Gen Core i7, i7-3517U / 1.9 GHz ( 3 GHz ) ( Dual-Core ), guide price, $1449

Origin EON17-SLX, Processor: Intel 3rd Gen Core i7 3940XM / 4.4 GHz ( Quad-Core ), guide price, $4683

There are considerably cheaper laptops on the market, of course, many of which are suitable for most gaming applications but this review is intended as an introduction to higher specification models that you may feel that you need. We’ll be looking at gaming laptops on a budget in a later article.


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