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Larva Link Review - The Best Connecting Game in the Market

Updated on February 15, 2014

We were so delighted with the paper game "connect the dots" during our kiddie days. I remember way back my kindergarten days, me and a buddy will make a puzzle for each other that will keep ourselves busy throughout our school time. There are even times that I ignore my teacher in order to finish my friend's puzzle.

Those days were brought by this new game available via smartphones, The Larva Link.

How the Game Goes?

Brought to us by Cocoban, Larva Link features different types of larvae from the cartoon series "Larva". The goal of this game is to connect as many as larva of the same kind (three and above). You can do it in any direction by pointing and dragging your finger.

The longer the connection, the higher the score is.

The game is for one minute. But, the time becomes longer for every combos you make.

Connecting six or more larva will make a gem appear. Such gems will make your life easier.

  • Cobwebs - This connects to any larva. This will help make your connections longer by using it in between two different larvae.
  • Frogs - This eats up all same larva in your screen when tapped. In special power-ups in the Item Shop, it eats up the larvae that you can't link.
  • Fart Bomb - When tapped, this will pop out and kill all surrounding larvae.
  • Prism - This turns all surrounding larvae into same kind.

You can use the gems during the game. Or, you can reserve it for your "Last Fever" where all the gems are added to your score.

World Ranking

One thing I like about this game is the live score where you are ranked based on the top score you make against the top score of each users around the world. You are ranked in three different categories: World, League and Friends. All data are gathered online.

Sounds, Graphics and Advertisements

I found the graphics state-of-the-art. It's obvious that Cocoban invested in this feature. The characters are cute and even the small things like the smile of each larva is quite detailed.

The sound? Amazing! The sounds in the options is great while the one in the game proper simulates urgency, therefor making you play faster.

The advertisement is also OK. It doesn't destruct you while playing. However, there are times that a pop-up ads appear and covers the whole page. There are even times that the one that popped will still have to load, thus, removing your momentum.

Tips and Tricks

  • The longer the connection, the larger the score is. But, based on my experience, the faster you make combos the higher your score at the end is. Just keep on making connections as fast as you can in order to make the larvae happy (shouting). When it happens, continue. Each combo you make is higher than the usual.
  • If the screen asked you to use an avatar for free, use it. Each and every avatar has their own capabilities that will help you go through a game.
  • Reserve you gems. The "Last Fever" adds more score than when used during the game.
  • Buy at the "Item Shop" before staring a game. I specifically recommend the "Start with Lined up gems!". This is also goes great with the "Six Gems Only" item.

The Round Up

This game must be played online, a feature I don't agree. I think the developers must include an offline software that will feed the online system.

This game is also for kids. You don't have to explain how the game works. I only suggest that there must be a lock feature (password, maybe) for the top score. My niece can easily reset it.

Giving this game 9 out of 10. This game is outstanding.


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