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Last Shelter PvP Game Review

Updated on September 12, 2019

Last Shelter, a PvP RTS Game With a Twist

If you like real time strategy games, then Last Shelter may be one you like! It's a game very similar to Rise of Kings, Kings of Avalon, and other RTS PvP games, with a little twist. Instead of being told exactly where every little building can be put, you get to place your buildings wherever you want, and lay out roads how you like.


With a storyline of surviving a zombie apocalypse, you are to build a bunk and town to support survivors. However, what makes Last Shelter even better, is it is very difficult to hold an account that has used third party software. The game will suspend any account as soon as it has detected a sign of a third party software involved, making it very difficult to cheat the game with hacks.

Is the Last Shelter a Paid to Play Game?

Yes, it is a game that thrives on in-app purchases. However, you don't have to pay to play. When I first played Last Shelter, I only had the knowledge gained from playing Rise of Kings. Which is to build up everything, including research, as fast as you can. Utilizing that concept, I was able to reach a base level 14 in the first week of playing without paying any money. Being as there are only 25 base levels, and I got half way there by the first week, I can't really say Last Shelter is going to empty your wallet. Of course that will be up to your will power.

My Last Shelter Base a month into playing this MMO game without paying to play.
My Last Shelter Base a month into playing this MMO game without paying to play. | Source

What to Expect When You Play Last Shelter

Like many other RTS games, you will build up, train, and then fight. You will not only fight for the center of the map, you will fight against other maps in the world. This map represents a state and the center is the president's seat. As you will fight against other states, you will need to build up allies in the state your base resides in, to make your state the most powerful.

What's Good About the RTS PvP Game Last Shelter?

I really enjoy playing the Last Shelter! Though there are a few things that Last Shelter doesn't have, I think some of the other things they do have, make up for what's missing. You don't have to worry so much about hackers cheating the game. You get more space for your zombie survival shelter and city then any other RTS game I've played, and can design it how you want. However, the best part is killing zombies! I hate zombies! Deathly afraid of them! So yeah, I'll take out any zombie I come across. However, just like many other RTS games, they don't have much of a guide on how to play. So you'll be experimenting a lot until you read my begginners guide to the Last Shelter.

The Bad Programming Can Be Pretty Ugly When You Pay to Play

However there are some negative qualities about the games programming so I don't suggest paying any money into it. For example: The game has a daily challenge for you to try to accomplish, but if you complete the challenge and you are not on the game, there is a good chance you will not get the rewards. On occasion you will be sent the rewards in the mail, but usually that is if it is the first phase award. When it comes to the second and third phases you better be on the game to collect them.

Moreover, some players will receive the daily challenge once they reach base level 6 and some will not. The game also offers rewards for completing alliance tasks, though when you are just starting out it is impossible to get them all without making an in-app purchase.

There are a few other details that were brought to my attention, not just through my game play, but by other players as well. One is that the game censors you when you try to provide really good tips to other players, or try to tell the other players that you can't give them tips.

Another is that it seems that there is a game generated alliance named (all). Many players believe this. I tested out several states from their start, and the fact that it is the very first alliance in a brand new state, could very well indicate that it is a game generated alliance. Now, if I go any further in my thoughts you might start calling me a conspiracy nut, so I'll stop there.

Honest Review of the Last Shelter Mobile Game

As you can tell, I'm not paid by the game makers. This is my honest review of the Last Shelter, and I hope it has provided you with the information about the game that you were looking for. Much love and have fun!


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