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8 Outstanding Champions For Beginners - League Of Legends

Updated on October 12, 2016
Drei Law profile image

Drei Law is a gamer who loves to play and write about anything related to gaming. He especially adores playing "League of Legends."

Who am I?

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! I am what they call me in League Of Legends, Fl1pz and I am currently in Plat V. Thus, I think I am suitable enough to choose the best and most strongest champions for those new to League Of Legends. I love this game and have been playing it since season 4. My favorite champions to play are Rengar, Yasuo, Twitch and Riven. You do not have to agree with me on anything I say here and can ask me anything on the comment section below. You might also be interested in reading my "How To Carry Bronze" and "How To Carry Low Elo" guides. Hope you enjoy reading Summoner and I wish you a fantastic day!


I am going to list eight champions that I think are very simple, yet strong. There is going to be at least one champion for each role, so do not worry. I will choose champions that are not too ip expensive because you are indeed beginners and new to the game. Lastly, I will give the pros/cons of each champion and will link guides/videos to help you improve with that champion. These champions are extremely easy to play and to understand. Have fun, Summoner!

Annie - The Dark Child

Roles: Mid & Support

Attribute: Mage

Guide: Annie Bot's Guide To Annie

YouTube Guide: KingStix's Guide To Annie

My Thoughts:

Annie is a wonderful beginner Champion choice because of her user-friendly kit. She is a simple Champion which anyone can play. Annie is a great option for players who have a safe playstyle.


  • Combos are extremely easy to do
  • No skill shots
  • Pyromania (Passive) gives Annie's next offensive ability a stun after casting 4 abilities
  • Disintegrate (Q) makes it easy to farm minions because of the low cooldown & refunds mana upon destroying the target
  • Molten Shield (E) gives Annie a built in Thornmail
  • You can use Summon:Tibbers (R) to scout areas and block some abilities
  • Pyromania (Passive) & Summon:Tibbers (R) = Huge AOE Stun
  • Pyromania (Passive) & Disintegrate (Q) = Point and click stun
  • Pyromania (Passive) & Incinerate (W) = AOE Stun


  • No escape abilities
  • Short ranged
  • You get poked easily by long ranged champions

Akali - The Fist Of Shadow

Roles: Mid & Top

Attribute: Assassin

Guide: ProNeo's Guide To Akali

YouTube Guide: Remus's Guide To Akali

My Thoughts:

Akali is a great all in Champion and can easy escape when she wants to. Her really mobile kit allows her to simply kill a target and chase the remaining enemies. For those who likes to play the game dangerous, I suggest you try Akali.


  • Shadow Dance (R) makes Akali very mobile
  • Good engage with Shadow Dance (R)
  • Good escape with Shadow Dance (R)
  • Mark Of The Assassin (Q) & Basic Attack does a lot of damage
  • You can Shadow Dance (R) over walls with monsters, with Shadow Dance (R) & Twilight Shroud (W)
  • Twin Disciplines (Passive) gives Akali built in sustain during laning phase


  • Not very mobile without Shadow Dance (R)
  • No escape without Shadow Dance (R)
  • No engage without Shadow Dance (R)
  • If you do not proc Mark of the Assassin (Q), you will do little damage
  • Enemy players can see you in Twilight Shroud (W) if a pink ward is placed

Garen - The Might Of Demacia

Role: Top

Attributes: Fighter & Tank

Guide: Saint Garkali's Guide To Garen

YouTube Guide: Critical Dan's Guide To Garen

My Thoughts:

Although Garen is mainly a tank and does not do as much damage as Annie or Akali, he still does an incredible amount of damage. Garen is the easiest out of all the Champions that I have listed here, but do not underestimate his ability. If you love tanking and doing huge amounts of damage, try Garen!


  • Perseverance (Passive) grants Garen amazing sustain in lane
  • A good engage with Decisive Strike (Q) & it silences
  • A good escape with Decisive Strike (Q)
  • Courage (W) passively gives Garen armor & magic resist upon killing an enemy
  • Demacian Justice (R) does massive damage depending on the target's missing health
  • No skill shots


  • Not a lot of outplaying potential & can get outplayed easily
  • Perseverance (Passive) is useless if you keep getting poked in lane

Jax - Grandmaster At Arms

Roles: Top & Jungle

Attributes: Fighter & Assassin

Guide: memekingkingking's Guide To Jax

YouTube Guide: E-Gaming Tv's Guide To Jax

My Thoughts:

Jax is a really interesting Champions that belongs to the Fighter category. He is mostly known for his stun which enables him to block all autoattacks for a short duration. Not to mention his ultimate passive which gives Jax's third AA an insane damage spike. This guy might be a little tricky to use, but he is no doubt one of the strongest Champions.


  • Relentless Assault (Passive) grants Jax more attack speed as he attacks a target without the help of any items or masteries
  • Good escape with Ward & Leap Strike (Q)
  • Good engage with Leap Strike (Q)
  • Can hop with walls with monsters, with Leap Strike (Q)
  • Counter Strike (E) when active allows Jax to block all basic attacks and soon stuns all surrounding enemies
  • Grandmaster's Might (R) passively grants Jax magic damage every third attack, thus making Relentless Assault (Passive) & Grandmaster's Might (R) very strong
  • AA Champion & no skill shots
  • Hybrid champion
  • Jax is extremely strong against AA Champions (Yasuo, Master Yi, Tryndamere)
  • Jax benefits so much from hybrid items (Guinsoo's Rageblade & Hextech Gunblade)


  • Counter Strike (E) is your only CC
  • Missing Counter Strike (E) against an opponent can lose you the fight
  • Need a target to Leap Strike (Q)

Ashe - The Frost Archer

Role: ADC

Attribute: Marksman

Guide: Gardevoir101's Guide To Ashe

Pros: Doublelift's Guide To Ashe

My Thoughts:

If Garen is the easiest in the game, I would say Ashe is the second easiest. I chose Ashe because of her global ultimate and amazing poke ability. Moreover, she has an ability great for scouting areas like Baron / Dragon. If you are a team player, you should try Ashe.

  • Frost Shot (Passive) grants Ashe CC
  • Volley (W) is easy to land on enemies
  • Volley (W) is hard to dodge for enemies
  • Hawkshot (E) is able to scout an area anywhere on the map

Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) is a global ultimate

  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) stuns the enemy hit
  • Enchanted Crystal Arrow (R) slows all surrounding enemies hit
  • Ranger's Focus (Q) grants Ashe a powerful flurry attack for a duration after 4 basic attacks
  • A monster late game


  • No escape
  • Must turn if caught out
  • Not mobile
  • Can get outplayed easily early game

Master Yi - The Wuju Bladesman

Role: Jungle

Attributes: Assassin & Fighter

Guide: Dfuz's Guide To Master Yi

Pros: E-Gaming Tv's Guide To Master Yi

My Thoughts:

Now with Master Yi, you have to be really good at making decisions. If you get behind as Master Yi, it will be difficult for you to catch up. However, once fed with Master Yi, no enemy Champion can probably solo kill you. He is a late game monster.

  • A late game monster
  • Double Strike (Passive) is like a built in Guinsoo's Rageblade
  • You can dodge projectiles with Alpha Strike (Q)
  • Activating Wuju Style (E) gives true damage
  • Master Yi gains free AD, passively from Wuju Style (E)
  • Activating Highlander (R) makes you immunte to all slows
  • Activating Highlander (R) gives movement speed, thus being able to chase down enemies
  • If in a tough situation, activating Meditation (W) heals you and reduces incoming damage for a few seconds


  • CC destroys Master YI
  • Very item dependent
  • Either do really good or really bad
  • If behind, hard to catch up
  • If counter jungled, it will be hard to catch up
  • Not great at ganking without Highlander (R)

Tryndamere - The Barbarian King

Role: Top & Jungle

Attributes: Fighter & Assassin

Guide: Haoz's Guide To Tryndamere

YouTube Guide: Kay2's Guide To Tryndamere

My Thoughts:

If Master Yi is a late game monster, then Tryndamere is a late game nightmare. He is similar to Master Yi in a sense, but is just several times stronger. Killing the whole enemy team alone with Tryndamere might also be very possible.


  • AA Champion
  • Free critical chance from Battle Fury (Passive)
  • A monster late game
  • Hard to stop if really fed
  • You can reduce the enemy's attack damage by so much activating Mocking Shout (W)
  • Mocking Shout (W) slows enemies running away from you, thus making you be able to easily catch them
  • Good escape with Spinning Slash (E)
  • Good engage with Spinning Slash (E)
  • You can use Spinning Slash (E) to go through walls
  • Undying Rage (R) makes you literally unkillable for a few seconds


  • Very item dependent
  • Very weak if behind
  • Useless against CC
  • Easily killed without Undying Rage (R)

Xin Zhao - The Seneschal Of Demacia

Roles: Jungle, Top & Mid

Attributes: Fighter & Assassin

Guide: Rowlstar's Guide To Xin Zhao

YouTube Guide: Amazing's Guide To Xin Zhao

My Thoughts:

Xin Zhao is like a weaker version of Tryndare and Master Yi. But do not doubt his abilities to still carry games. Although he is weaker, he is able to provide better for the team because of his kit. Unlike Tryndamere and Master Yi who have no CC abilities, Xin Zhao has 2 effective ones. If you like to be a team player, while doing a good amount of damage, pick Xin Zhao!


  • Really strong if ahead
  • Great ganks with Audacious Charge (E) & Three Talon Strikes (Q)
  • Battle Cry (W) passively gives Xin Zhao a crit every third attack & it also heals
  • You can go over walls with Audacious Charge (E) only when targeting an enemy/monster on the other side
  • Good engage with Audacious Charge (E)
  • You are able to dodge projectiles if Audacious Charge (E) is used correctly
  • AA Champion
  • No skill shots
  • Free armor pen with Challenge (Passive)
  • Able to knock back enemies if Crescent Sweep (R) is used correctly


  • Really weak if behind
  • Item dependent
  • Can not engage without Audacious Charge (E)

The End

Here are eight champions I highly suggest new Summoners to start playing. All these champions are extremely simple and easy to play. It will only probably take a few games to get a hang of the champions here and they are also very powerful. Thank you for taking your time reading this and have a fantastic day! If you have a concern, do not be afraid to comment below ^.^

Is League Of Legends fun for you?

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