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Ultimate Guide To Carry Bronze Elo - League Of Legends

Updated on October 9, 2018
Drei Law profile image

Drei Law is a gamer who loves to play and write about anything related to gaming. He especially adores playing League Of Legends.

Who am I?

Hello fine gentlemen and ladies. Here is my quick and simple guide to carry in the Bronze elo. In this guide on "How To Carry Bronze Elo," I will be showing you the most effective tips to get out of Bronze. Not only will you be climbing from the Bronze elo faster, but you will learn a lot with this guide.

Moving along, I am what they call me in League, Fl1pz and am currently in Plat V. I have been playing League Of Legends since season 4 and in my opinion, am suitable to be able to give tips to get out of the Bronze division. My main champions I enjoy using on the Rift, are Annie, Yasuo, Riven and Lee Sin. They are superbly fun to play and are extremely strong at the same time.

Please keep in mind anything I say here is in my own opinion and you do not have to agree with me. Also, after reading this guide, you can go ahead and visit my "Effective Tips To Carry Low Elo" guide. It will definitely help you out. Anyways, thank you and let us begin.

Tip #1. Don't Lose Hope!

This is probably the most overused tip in the history of giving tips, but it is very true! Never give up and you might have a chance of winning to matter the situation. One of the reasons Bronze players are made fun of is because of how easily it is to make them give up. However, since it is Bronze (No offense) , the players are surely going to get cocky later on the game and throw it. Anything can really happen in a game. You lose the game the moment you give up. Remember that.

But, of course. Just because you aren't giving up doesn't mean you're going to make a comeback. What happens if the enemy team is playing really well and are making wise decisions, what now? You have to analyse the situation at hand and figure out what mistakes need to be solved. Is your team not buying wards? Are you over-extending your lane? Are you not pinging when needed to? There are many mistakes players make, don't be discouraged if you make a mistake. Learn from them. Don't lose hope!

A fantastic comeback video in League of Legends by iGackt. Remember. Anything can happen during a game. The enemy throwing, inhibitor spawning when enemy is taking nexus towers, or maybe an enemy player afking. But of course you're going to lose some and win some. It's impossible to win every single game. Even pros do not win all their games, do not get discouraged. Stay strong and have fun Summoner!

Tip #2. Learn From Others

There are hundreds of guides and YouTube videos online that could teach you how to build, play, who to use, what runes to choose on a certain champion and various others. Pros usually stream daily on Twitch, Hit box and are actually very chat interactive. Additionally, you are able to find a wide variety of guides on every champion on YouTube by high elo players.

If you are not the type of person to watch videos, then have no worries! Readable guides can be found on the net also. These guides have helped me so much to climb the divisions, you have no idea. This is a huge part in carrying your team to victory. You do not wan't to get in a game using the wrong masteries, runes and build. Be patient Summoner and take your time reading guides.

Sites with guides:

This video is an example of a good tips and tricks video in League. Created by the YouTuber Jeremy ft. Arkadian, they show you 16 gameplay tricks that you could do while in the game. If you did not like this video, have no fear! There are tons of other more videos like these created by different people or even pros.

Tip #3. Map Awareness

Many people do not know how powerful looking at the map constantly is. It could save a teammate from an enemy gank or even stop the enemy team from doing baron. Even I forget this rule many times, I still got it rough you know?

Additionally, Faker, a very famous League of Legends pro player once said, to look at the map at least every three seconds. It may seem annoying to do so, but it was very worth it for me. Saved me and my teammates many times from enemy ganks, baron/dragon calls and various other situations. Thank you Faker!

Tip #4. Roam

Here is a very short story for all you sexy beasts. Ok so, my Bronze elo friend once told me that his team is always feeding and he can't carry on his own. I asked him if he roamed. He then looked at me confused and said he had no time to roam because he needed to keep his enemy laner busy.

My good friends of the Rift, roaming can make enemy players afk, tilt, feed, and most likely flame. It is both hilarious and powerful at the same exact time! What you need to know is when to roam and you are all set to tilt enemy teams.

When to roam:

  • Your lane is pushed out
  • After you back because the enemy laner will think you are coming back to lane
  • Your turret is really low and is going to get destroyed anyways
  • You can get a better trade off leaving your turret

Tip #5. Muting

In my opinion, you do not really need the chat for anything. Pings are enough to communicate with your teammates. What I only see in the chat are my teammates and I getting flamed by one another or the enemy team. The flaming gets even worse as you go down the rankings, especially in the Bronze elo.

Whenever I see my Bronze tier friend playing League Of Legends, he is either flaming his teammates or getting flamed at. Either way, you get tilted to the point that you exit the game. From my own experience, tilt only makes you play worse than before, thus being unable to carry. Unless you wan't to get tilted, I advise you to mute everyone in the game.

Tip #6. Don't Flame

If you aren't going to mute everyone, then do not flame! One of the main reasons why the majority of the community makes fun of Bronze players is because they get easily angry and mad. If you really want to climb from Bronze elo to the Silver elo, you really need to stop flaming.

Flaming does not benefit you at all and will only make your teammates do worse or even afk. Carrying is much easier when you have no afks or feeders, so I recommend you to never flame others. I used to flame all the time. Whenever I did, it only lead to afks and tilted players doing worse than before. Please do not make the community worse than it already is.

What you achieve when flaming:

  • Tilted players
  • Afks
  • Trollers
  • Feeders
  • You tilt yourself

Tip #7. Have An Un-tilt Game

Losing streaks are the worst, aren't they? Whether it be a 3 game losing streak to a 5 game losing streak, you have to be somewhat tilted. When you are tilted, you usually play worse than usual so that is not good. How can you carry your Bronze teammates when you are not playing at your full potential, right? What must you do to release this tilt inside of your soul?

Have some fun playing some other games before starting another ranked League game! Take a nice break from being angry and mad all the time. Go on some game site and play some of their popular mini-games. It is so refreshing playing a game without someone calling you bad. I always do this and it works like a charm! I can easily get back to playing League with my usual skill.

Tip #8. Play Easy But Strong Champions

Whenever I am watching a gameplay of Bronze players, they are always picking these hard skill shot champions like, Zed, Riven, Rengar ,Yasuo and the popular Brand support. 80% of the time they are always negative and are unable to carry their teams. These champions are indeed very strong, but take a lot of skill.

Why not just play a champion equally as strong, but are way more easier? They are way more easier to master and climb the rankings in Bronze elo with. Here are five champions that are both easy and strong. You do not have to agree with me at all with these Champions because this is just my opinion. If you have already been maining a high skill cap Champion like Zed and you have atleast 50k mastery points, you can try getting pointers from videos.

1. Annie

  • No skillshots
  • Pyromania (Passive) gives you a stun every four abilities
  • Pyromania (Passive) + Summon:Tibbers (R) creates an AOE stun
  • Summon:Tibbers (R) is able to block some projectiles for Annie
  • Molten Shield (E) is a thornmail-like ability

2. Garen

  • Garen has built in sustain because of his passive, Perseverance which regenerates health when he is out of combat
  • Garen's Decisive Strike (Q) gives Garen movement speed & silences the target hit
  • Demacian Justice (R) deals a massive amount of damage based on the target's missing health
  • Courage (W) gives Garen armor & magic resist by killing enemies

3. Fizz

  • Playful / Trickster (E) is able to dodge most abilities
  • Playful / Trickster (E) makes Fizz untargetable
  • Playful / Trickster (E) is able to make Fizz hop over walls
  • Urchin Strike (Q) is able to dodge most projectiles if used correctly
  • Seastone Trident (W) passively gives your basic attacks bonus magic damage

4. Soraka

  • Astral Infusion (W) makes Soraka sacrifice a portion of her own health to give an ally a huge amount of health
  • Equinox (E) is an AOE silence
  • Starcall (Q) is an AOE slow and gives Soraka health and movement speed
  • Wish (R) is a global ultimate which gives every ally a massive amount of health

5. Pantheon

  • Grand Skyfall (R) enables Pantheon to travel long distances in a few seconds
  • Spear Shot (Q), Pantheon's main damage is a point and click
  • Aegis Of Zeonia (W) is a point and click stun
  • Aegis Protection (Passive) shields Pantheon from the next incoming basic attack or turret shot after using four abilities or basic attacks

Obviously these five are not the only easy and strong champions in the game. I was just listing these five as an example of strong and easily playable champions. I can go on listing many more but, I have to admit is very time consuming. These are all my tips I have for you guys to carry in the Bronze elo, have fun climbing Summoners!


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